The Crazy Knitters of the Gotham Grannies Gang [Gallery]

Think superherodom is all about buff men and women with superpowers in the prime of their lives? Think again! Introducing the badass grandmas of the Gotham Grannies Gang! Created by illustrator and photographer Susanne Krauss, the artist describes her work as “exploring the limitless possibilities of creativity by capturing the world through the lens and transforming it with AI.”

Of course, a gang of superhero grandmothers would be nothing without a villain!

I just love the positive vibe and wholesomeness of Susanne’s work! Be sure to check out the rest of her amazing series in the picture gallery below!

This is a gang that doesn’t want to deal with individual villains. These girls have realized what it’s all about: If we want to change the world, we don’t have to punch fictional criminals in the face, but rather actively stand up for disadvantaged individuals. Often, there are women and children who are at the forefront of these individuals. The Goodham Grannies want to change that. They are an organization of globally connected women who officially live in nursing homes, but have banded together in a secret organization that meets whenever caregivers aren’t looking.

[Susanne Krauss – @the_poetry_of_being_ on Instagram]