“Weird Al” Yankovic And Weezer Perform Toto’s “Africa” [Video]

While Weezer was doing a show a few days ago, Weird Al Yankovic showed up on stage to perform Toto’s “Africa” along with them. Check it out below! (Weird Al only shows up about halfway through the song.) [John Capodice] Advertisements


Avengers: No Infinity Stone Unturned Thanos Slippers

A pair of officially licensed comfy slippers featuring all five Infinity Stones! They’re probably a little small for Thanos’ feet, but they should fit yours quite nicely! The Avengers: No Infinity Stone Unturned Thanos Slippers Preorder is officially licensed Marvel merchandise. You can be confident that it will be of the highest quality and give […]

A Revenge of the Sith Anime Opening [Video]

An awesome anime version of the Revenge of the Sith intro. [Tristan_Culbert on Reddit]

What If Venom Had Actual Eyes? [Video]

Poor Venom. People would be nicer to his slimy ass if only he had some baby blues in those jagged todd mcfarlane eye slits he has. But alas the world if a cruel place and he has no eyes. There There Slimy guy. At least you have 1000000000 teeth. [Evil Ice Cream Pictures]

Evolution of Video Game Music (1980 – 2018)

The evolution of video game music from 1980 to the present day performed on a piano by Youtuber Vinheteiro. [Vinheteiro]

This Little Predator Art Doll Will Creep You Out for Life

Artist Anna Popova makes dolls of fantastic creatures and sells them over at her Etsy shop, Lamapie. She has a few available for purchase, but this little Predator is one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a while. She also has an incredbly gorgeous Dobbie from Harry Potter, which you can see at […]

Every Canon Trooper Variant in the Star Wars Imperial Military

Redditor SuperFryX created this illustration listing every trooper variant in the Imperial Military featured in “canon” Star Wars material so far. Click on the picture below to get a larger version. [Source: SuperFryX on Reddit]

Patrick Stewart Gets Emotional Announcing Return To Captain Picard Role [Video]

Patrick Stewart surprises fans by coming on stage at the Star Trek: Las Vegas Convention on August 4, 2018 to announce that he’s going to reprise his role as Captain Picard in a new Star Trek series for CBS. The series will take place 20 years after the events Star Trek: Nemesis and Picard may […]