Is ‘Inside Out’ Pixar’s Best Movie Yet?

The buzz that Pixar’s new Inside Out movie is getting is reaching fever peak. People who are seeing it are saying you will laugh, you will cry, you will curse Pixar out loud for making you feel so many things, then you will love them even more for it. Den of Geek sangs its praises […]

The ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ Trailer is Here!

So we get Kung Fu Panda 3 and Fallout 4, all announced in the same week? Damn right it was a good week. *Drops microphone and walks away (Via IGN)

The Onion Reviews ‘Jurassic World’ [Video]

Peter K. Rosenthal from The Onion reviews ‘Jurassic World,’ and as expected from anything that comes from the farcical newspaper, it’s completely ridiculous. [The Onion]

Severus Snape Inhales Helium and Talks About Harry Potter [Video]

I’m not sure which video I like the most between this one and the one featuring Alan Rickman making himself the most epic cup of tea ever. Seriously, if you’ve missed this one, check it out below as well. [The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]

How “Avengers: Age of Ultron” Should Have Ended – Part 2 (Video)

If you missed part I, be sure to check it out here before watching this one! [HISHE]

Cover Girl, ‘Star Wars’ Join Forces for New Cosmetic Line [GALLERY]

Cover Girl is entering the movie tie-in arena again, this time with a line of makeup fashioned specifically for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to Fashionably Geek, the new lip glosses/lipsticks, nail polishes, and mascaras are “split into [The] Dark Side (Apprentice, Stormtrooper, and Chrome) and The Light Within (Nomad, Droid, Sage). There are […]

Mad Max: Out of Gas [Parody]

Here’s what happens when post-apocalyptic Australia runs out of gas. [The Warp Zone]

Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator… for Charity [Video]

Watch as Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonates a Terminator t-800 wax figure at Madame Tussauds and start freaking people out as he starts to move and deliver some of his classic lines from the movie series Want to ride up with me to the Terminator Genisys Premiere and drinks Schnapps with me at the after party? Enter […]

“Peanuts” Movie To Use Old Cartoon Panels As Thought Balloons!

For anyone scared that the new Peanuts movie might just be straying a little too far from the simplicity that made the original work so well, you can put those fears to bed. As seen in the pic above posted at ToplessRobot and in the new trailer below, they have figured out a genius way […]

The Harp Twins Perform The Sailor Moon Theme [Music Video]

Watch as Camille and Kennerly, aka The Harp Twins, perform the Sailor Moon theme on a set of identical harps. [Camille and Kennerly]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 50% Off “Dragon Age: Inquisition” – $29.99 (All Available Platforms) + 67% Off Sons of Anarchy (Complete Gift Set)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers “Dragon Age: Inquisition” for just $29.99. That’s 50% off on the game’s regular list price of %59.99. Become the Inquisitor: Wield the power of the Inquisition over the course of an epic character-driven story, and lead a perilous journey of discovery through the Dragon Age. […]

A Map of Every Game of Thrones Filming Location in Real Life

This awesome infographic by Lawrence of Morocco lists every Game of Thrones filming location throughout the world! [Source: Lawrence of Morocco | Via Unreality]