The Captain America Statistics Song [Video]

To celebrate the upcoming 4th of July, our pals over at ADHD have created the Captain America Statistics song, highlighting some rather unflattering statistics related to the people and culture of “America.” [ADHD]

Interesting Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Facts [Pic]

[Source: psychadelicace | Via Geekxgirls]

A Game of Turrets: Portal Turrets Perform the GOT Theme [Video]

A Portal-style homage to the Game Of Thrones theme by Youtuber Harry101UK. [Harry101UK | Via]

Look! Doctor Who Series 8 Gets a Launch Trailer + Premiere Date [Video]

Watch it on Saturday, August 23, at 8:00pm ET/PT on BBC America, geeks. Edit: This one works internationally: [Via NA]

Why Are There So Many Darn Super Hero Movies?

From the PBS Idea Channel: The past 15 years have produced a pantsload of superhero films. It’s hard to even remember a time before Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America dominated the summer box office. So are movie studios just lazy and out of ideas? Or is something else going on? Superheroes are authority figures who […]

Ryu’s Theme (Street Fighter II) Done Multi-Track Acapella [Video]

Awesome! (I still prefer Guile’s theme over this one though!) [Smooth McGroove]

The Game of Thrones Intro Done VHS-Style [Video]

An oldschool VHS-style intro to HBO’s Game of Thrones, complete with the awesome 80s version of the song we posted a few days ago. [Mikolaj.Birek]

How To Make A Hit Pop Song: You Look Sexy When You Do That [Video]

Brett Domino’s quick guide shows you how to make a hit pop song like Jason Derulo, featuring Brett’s own song: “Sexy When You Do That” (inspired by Jennifer Lawrence.) [Brett Domino | Via LS]

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – The Official “Definitive Anti-Hero” Featurette [Video]

Watch as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper discuss their characters in this “definitive anti-hero” featurette. [CBMTrailers]

For a Good Time Call: Marvel’s Mercs For Hire [Geek Art]

Since marvel will apparently start making Star Wars comic books in 2015, artist Marco D’alfonso decided to pay honor to the news by drawing this fun illustration mixing characters from both franchise. Boba short first. Edit: And here’s another fun illustration from the artist: [Source: Marco D’alfonso on Deviantart]

The Lord Inquisitor: A Fan Made Warhammer 40k Short Film [Teaser Trailer]

A teaser trailer for “The Lord Inquisitor” an upcoming fan-made Warhammer 40K short film due for release in 2014/15. Another insight of The Lord Inquisitor project created and directed by Erasmus Brosdau. This teaser shows a glimpse of the space marines called “Grey Knights”, which will have an important role in the full movie. Also […]