Mortal Kombat: Legacy II [Trailer]


GET OVER HERE! The saga continues as Liu Kang and Ermac join the ranks of fighters introduced in the series’ first season, including Kenshi, Kung Lao, Kuai Lang, Stryker, Kitana, Mileena, Johnny Cage, Scortcheson and Sub- Zero. This new season uncovers the rivalries and histories of these fierce warriors as Raiden and his recruits clash […]

Good Will Batman Features Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight [Video]


Warning: Strong Language. Good Will Hunting like you’ve never seen it before, featuring Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight. [Via LS]

ZOMG Giant Robots and Spaceships Invade Nigeria! [Video]


The Day they Came is a zero budget sci-fi short film Done in Lagos, Nigeria. The video above is apparently the first installment of what is to be a much larger production from Ficson Films. Ficson Films was conceived as a business idea in October 2012, as a film production outfit in the bid to […]

Joking Bad: A Breaking Bad Parody Featuring Jimmy Fallon, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, And Bob Odenkirk [Video]


Jimmy Fallon’s funny “Breaking Bad” parody. Featuring cameos by Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, and Aaron Paul. [Late Night]

The Seussing Dead: When Walking Dead Meets Dr. Seuss [Video]


Walking Dead’s back this October And in honor of the show Dr. Seuss recaps the third season Come everyone, join us, let’s go! [CineFix | Via]

‘Jurassic World’ to Hit Theaters in 2015!


It’s official: Jurassic Park IV is now Jurassic World and it will hit theaters on June 12, 2015, according to Deadline. Stephen Spielberg will be producing, but the script will come from Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly (Safety Not Guaranteed), with Trevorrow himself directing. [via Nerd Bastards]

‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ Modern Trailer is Dead Serious [Video]


Stephane Bouley wondered what Monty Python and the Holy Grail might look like if it were released today…and maybe appeared on HBO or produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. [via MSN]

Fun Short Sci-Fi Film: Closer [Video]


Roberto P. just sent this to me, and while I didn’t know what to expect at first, the movie ended up being pretty awesome. Something terrifying is happening to the Earth. Luke and Sarah, unaware of the danger, are just worried about having a passionate offhand camping weekend. Two unexpected guests will ruin their plans. […]

This Makes me Happy: The Epic Cosplay of Dragon Con 2013 [Music Video]


Yeah, I know, yet another cosplay music video on Geeks are Sexy (from my pals over at Beat Down Boogie,) but this one is totally worth the watch, I promise! :) [Beatdownboogie]

Amazing Acoustic Guitar Cover of the The Last of Us Theme [Video]


A totally awesome acoustic guitar cover of The Last of Us theme done on an Alvarez guitar by Gregory Johnson of Acoustic Labs. [AcousticLabs]

Everything Wrong With Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets [Video]


Well after many months of making you wait, we finally return to the Harry Potter series for the second installment, running down the list of sins in Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets. Yes, there were many. Yes, it was more than we expected. No, we aren’t doing Prisoner Of Azkhaban next week. [Cinemasins]

Justice League vs. Avengers: A Tribute to George Pérez [Video]


In partnership with the guys from Beat Down Boogie (Mario Warfare), the guys from distractotron have released this really cool video tribute to George Pérez featuring an epic fight between Justice League and Avengers cosplayers over at Dragon Con a few weeks ago. Check it out! [Distractotron]