10 Amazing Superheroes Who Were Actually Real People

When it comes to the fantastic, weird and wonderful world of comic book characters, it’s easy to think that they’re all entirely fictitious and created solely from the imaginations of talented writers. In some cases, that may well be true, but there are also some very real inspirations behind a lot of them.Obviously there’s nobody […]


Top 10 Movie Creations That Turned Against Their Creator

We all know that robots will eventually take us all over, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves for creating the very things that brought about the end of humanity. BUT… in the meantime and before that actually happens, we can enjoy this list about “movie creations” (AKA mostly bots) who turned […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 40% Off Bloodline (Star Wars) (Novel) – $16.71

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the new Star Wars novel, Bloodline, for just $16.71! That’s 40% off on the novel’s regular list price of $28! From the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Lost Stars comes a thrilling novel set in the years before the events of Star […]

Assassin’s Creed Movie – Trailer World Premiere

Here is the first trailer for the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” movie starring Magneto Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, which will hit movie theaters on December 21st, 2016! [Jimmy Kimmel Live]

IRON MAN Movie Kill Count Supercut (Plus Robots) [Video]

The Iron man Movie Kill Count is in! It covers all his direct and indirect murders from Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron leading up to Captain America: Civil War. [Mr Sunday Movies]

Lords of Synth Video Parodies Live Competition Between Synth Legends [Video]

` Three legendary synth musicians, Vagelis as Xangelix, Giorgio Moroder as Morgio Zoroger, and Wendy Carlos as Carla Wendos, compete in a cosmic battle for synth dominance, in this recently-unearthed concert from 1986. [Adult Swim]

The Origin of Vibranium (From the Marvel Universe) [Video]

Host Arris from the Variant Youtube channel takes a look at the origin of Vibranium (from the Marvel universe,) one of the materials that’s part of Captain America’s shield. [VariantComics | Via LS]

10 Amazing Movie Effects That Did NOT Use CGI

As technology evolves, CGI has become a prevalent tool filmmakers use for the visual effects they need in their movies. Just about anything is possible with computers, meaning that the only limit is the director’s imagination. While digital effects are extremely photorealistic and an easy, safer method, there are those who still prefer to do […]