Xbox One News: Tomb Raider Exclusive, 1TB Bundle

Microsoft has unleashed a stream of announcements about the Xbox One, following hot on the heels of revelations that the console has lost $400 million to date. Among the key points: Rise of The Tomb Raider (the first reboot sequel) will be exclusive to the console — no word yet on whether that will be permanent […]

Microsoft Shows Off ‘Hyperlapse’ Video

Microsoft has demonstrated the results of an algorithm its developed to produce hyperlapse video: first-person time-lapse videos without the shakiness. The idea is to solve two related problems: first-person videos from activities such as extreme bike riding can be a bit dull viewed in full in real time; but speeding them up to a timelapse […]

Microsoft Ditches Android; Goes All In On Windows Phone

Microsoft is ditching Android from its smartphone range. It’s part of a strategy on streamlining its phone operations, which will be a key part of the company’s biggest ever round of job cuts. When Microsoft took over Nokia’s handset division, it certainly appeared that continuing to produce both Windows Phone and Android handsets was an […]

Aaron Paul’s Voice Trolls Xbox Users

If you walked into your living room to find Aaron Paul had switched on your Xbox, you’d be confused. But that’s just what the Breaking Bad star — or at least his voice — has been doing according to users. Paul’s voice appears in a television commercial for the Xbox One in which he demonstrates […]

E3 Hit By Outbreak Of Déja Vu

The first day of the E3 games event was dominated by the major players and it seems they’ll be playing it safe, with announcements of a host of sequels and re-releases for the new generation of consoles. Microsoft’s big Xbox One announcement of the day was Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It’s a single $60 package […]

Microsoft Smartwatch Compatible With iOS And Android

Microsoft is reportedly building a smartwatch that will pair up with all major smartphone systems. According to Forbes, the watch — which could be on sale in the next few months — will sync with handsets running not just Microsoft’s own Windows Phone, but also those running on Android and iOS. To date most models […]

Skype To Get Live Translation

Microsoft has demonstrated Skype carrying out voice translation almost instantaneously. It plans to roll out the feature to the public starting later this year. Voice translation has been around for several years, with varying degrees of success. In 2010, Google unveiled a voice feature in Google Translate that — in theory at least — allowed […]

Microsoft Makes Kinect Optional On Xbox One

Microsoft is to release a cheaper version of the Xbox One without the Kinect. It will cost $399, making it more competitive with the PS4. The new version will be available from June 9 and is already available for pre-order at several retailers. The Kinect system itself will be available as a standalone purchase (price […]

Microsoft To Fix XP Bug, But Just This One Time, Honest

Microsoft has changed its mind and decided it will issue a fix for a serious Internet Explorer bug for Windows XP users, despite officially ending support for the system last month. It was the first real test of Microsoft’s resolve to abandon XP, though it seemed inevitable it would face such a dilemma. At first […]

The Wonderful Story Behind XP’s Bliss Wallpaper [Video]

From Microsoft: From today on Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. The one thing everybody will always remember of Windows XP is desktop image ‘Bliss’, with it’s green rolling hills and bluer than blue sky. Doesn’t the most viewed picture of all times asks for a worthy goodbye? We certainly think so! That’s why […]

Windows 8.1 Coming To 16GB Devices

Microsoft is to make Windows 8.1 available on devices with as little as 16GB of storage. It’ll do so using a compression technique first developed during the making of Vista. The move will allow Windows to be available for even small-capacity devices such as tablets that use a solid state drive. The technique is called […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Xbox One Console – Titanfall Bundle – $450 + FREE Shipping

Here’s an extra deal for you guys for today! If you order the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle right now from and use “XIAMAZON” as a promo code at checkout, you’ll get $50 off from your order! If you consider the value of the game and the $50 off, this brings the price of the […]