Windows 8.1 Coming To 16GB Devices

Microsoft is to make Windows 8.1 available on devices with as little as 16GB of storage. It’ll do so using a compression technique first developed during the making of Vista. The move will allow Windows to be available for even small-capacity devices such as tablets that use a solid state drive. The technique is called […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Xbox One Console – Titanfall Bundle – $450 + FREE Shipping

Here’s an extra deal for you guys for today! If you order the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle right now from and use “XIAMAZON” as a promo code at checkout, you’ll get $50 off from your order! If you consider the value of the game and the $50 off, this brings the price of the […]

Microsoft & Google Put Kibosh On Dual-System Devices

Plans by ASUS to launch mobile devices running both Windows and Android have been put on hold after objections from Microsoft and Google. It will also mean the end for two existing PC models that use both systems. ASUS first showed off the Transformer Book Duet TD300 in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. It […]

Windows XP Resists Death Sentence

The proportion of people using Windows XP actually rose in January. It may be little more than a statistical quirk, but the underlying story is what happens when Microsoft pulls the plug on support in barely two months. The figures come from NetMarketShare and are based on computers used to visit sites hosted by its […]

The Internet Explorer Anime – Feat. Inori Aizawa [Video]

Look! It’s Sailor Internet Explorer! This video was created by Microsoft Singapore, dedicated to all anime fans worldwide in celebration of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013. The dark side of the Internet can be a dangerous and scary place. Will our heroine be able to survive? [Internet Explorer]

Bill Gates As Austin Powers and Steve Ballmer as Doctor Evil [Video]

OMG. So that’s where the idea of Windows 8 comes from! Bill Gates doesn’t make a very good Austin Powers… but Steve Ballmer and his Doctor Evil impersonation totally convinced me! This was uploaded to Youtube back in 2009, so I’m not exactly sure how I could have possibly missed this before. [James Etue]

Apple the “world’s most valuable brand”

Apple has overtaken long-time leader Coca-Cola to become the “world’s most valuable brand” according to an annual report. Google took second spot in a list dominated at the top by tech firms. The report is from Interbrand, which has ranked Coca-Cola at number one for each of the 13 previous times it has carried out […]

Xbox One and PS4 hook-ups on the cards

If you can’t decide between an Xbox One (Pre-Order (Affiliate)) or a PS4, or are just feeling flush, Microsoft has some good news. It’s not going to put a block on hooking the two devices together. One of the most touted features of the next-gen Microsoft console is its HDMI pass-through. The idea is that […]

Microsoft beats Google in latest patent battle: What it means

Microsoft has won the latest installment of the US court system’s smash hit “Patent Games” series. Once again, the verdict could establish a key precedent in the way patents operate. This week’s case was the second in a double header pitting Microsoft against Motorola, now owned by Google. Both involved Microsoft allegedly breaching Motorola patents […]

Microsoft accused of Surface RT deception

Microsoft has been accused of deliberately hiding the poor sales of its Surface RT tablet. The claim comes in a class action suit on behalf of shareholders. The RT models run a stripped down alternative to Windows 8 that can only run apps from the Windows Store rather than users installing software downloaded directly from […]

Xbox One put back till 2014 in parts of Europe

Gamers in eight European countries will have to wait until next year to get an Xbox One. Microsoft has promised a free game as compensation for those affected. Microsoft had promised to launch the console in 21 markets in November, something it now admits “was an aggressive goal.” It now says the console will go […]

Xbox One Gets More Developer-Friendly

Microsoft has announced three policies designed to support independent game developers for the Xbox One. It will let developers release games without the need for a third-party publisher, will speed up the review process, and will make sure the console itself can be used for developing games. Originally it had appeared Microsoft would stick the […]