Xbox One put back till 2014 in parts of Europe

Gamers in eight European countries will have to wait until next year to get an Xbox One. Microsoft has promised a free game as compensation for those affected. Microsoft had promised to launch the console in 21 markets in November, something it now admits “was an aggressive goal.” It now says the console will go […]


Xbox One Gets More Developer-Friendly

Microsoft has announced three policies designed to support independent game developers for the Xbox One. It will let developers release games without the need for a third-party publisher, will speed up the review process, and will make sure the console itself can be used for developing games. Originally it had appeared Microsoft would stick the […]

Secret security court: Google and Microsoft win world’s smallest concession

The US court that authorizes surveillance of foreign citizens through Internet firms has agreed to lift the lid on its secret practices — but only by a tiny degree. The case involves the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which rules on what US security staff are allowed to do and what information they can access. It’s […]

Microsoft’s Xbox One No Longer Requires 24-Hour Online Check-in + Vastly Improved DRM Policy

Dear ladies and gentlegeeks, I’m happy to report that Microsoft has changed its position on the XBox One DRM policy, meaning that you will be able to trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today on your 360. The console also no longer requires a 24-hour online check-in to […]

Microsoft on Xbox One Complaints: Like it or Lump it

A Microsoft executive has told people without a reliable Internet connection to stick to the Xbox 360. It’s the latest in a string of responses that suggests the company is being particularly defensive about the new console. As has been widely publicized, the forthcoming Xbox One won’t need a permanent connection to the Internet, but […]

Interactive 3D Model of the Xbox One

The Xbox One will probably not be available until Q4 2013, but in the meantime, you can check it out, in all its VHS-ish glory, from every possible angle in this interactive 3D model of the console. Just use your mouse to rotate the console around, and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out […]

Microsoft takes Xbox gaming achievements to TV

Microsoft has been granted a patent on what looks remarkably like taking the achievements system it uses for games and applying it to TV show and commercial watching. There’s no word yet on whether Microsoft plans to exploit the patent, but it’s certainly interesting timing given the Xbox One announcement. The patent covers ” A […]