Coming to Xbox: Live TV, YouTube and More

In this morning’s Xbox press conference at E3, Microsoft announced a few new features. First, the console will be getting Live TV this fall, which could prove to be a major stumbling block for cable network providers, as Xbox will also be featuring YouTube, Bing and voice control. Time will tell, but I suspect those […]

MS Fanboys Plaster Windows Logo on Upcoming Apple Store

Last Friday, a bunch of Microsoft fanboys plastered a Windows logo over a soon to be opened Apple store in Hamburg, Germany. Check out the following video for a quick look at the pranksters in action. [Via]

Windows 8 Preview [Video]

Microsoft has just posted the first video of what apparently will be many showing some of the features of their upcoming Windows 8 OS. Check it out: I don’t know about you guys, but this pretty much looks like something that would run exclusively on a touch-enabled tablet PC (or a desktop with a touchscreen.) […]

Kinect Fitting Room [Video]

A Topshop store in Moscow is offering shoppers the possibility of trying clothes on virtually via Microsoft’s Kinect technology. The Kinect starts by scanning your body and then it overlays the 3D model of an outfit over you, giving you a general idea of how the outfit will look on you. [Via TDWG]

A Tour of the Microsoft Home [Video]

In the following video, Steve Clayton and Flora Goldthwaite give us an exclusive tour of The Microsoft Home. The Microsoft Home, located on the Redmond campus in the Executive Briefing Center, is an envisioning of the family home in the very near future where connected experiences and devices take their next logical steps and beyond. […]

Macs vs. PCs [Infographic]


Microsoft aims to rewrite patent law

Microsoft is in the Supreme Court this week aiming to overturn a near $300 million fine for patent violation. But it’s not just money at stake: instead the basis on which patent law works is also under discussion. To sum up a lengthy case, Canadian firm i4i successfully sued Microsoft for violating a patent on […]

Doom for Zune as Hardware Halted

Microsoft is said to have abandoned plans to release any new Zune hardware. It will still work on the underlying media player, including versions running on Windows Phone 7 handsets. The news comes from Bloomberg, quoting a “person familiar with the decision.” Microsoft hasn’t disputed the claims, simply noting that there is nothing to announce […]

Apple and Microsoft argue over the small print

Recently we told you how Apple and Microsoft are engaged in a battle over the intricacy of how words are interpreted. Now the two are disputing the way to put those words on paper. As we noted, Microsoft is objecting to Apple’s attempts to trademark the term “App Store”, which has led to an argument […]

WTF: Man Upgrades VM from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7

What? I didn’t think something like this was possible! Funnily enough, the guy skipped Windows ME! :) [Via]