Microsoft aims to rewrite patent law

Microsoft is in the Supreme Court this week aiming to overturn a near $300 million fine for patent violation. But it’s not just money at stake: instead the basis on which patent law works is also under discussion. To sum up a lengthy case, Canadian firm i4i successfully sued Microsoft for violating a patent on […]

Doom for Zune as Hardware Halted

Microsoft is said to have abandoned plans to release any new Zune hardware. It will still work on the underlying media player, including versions running on Windows Phone 7 handsets. The news comes from Bloomberg, quoting a “person familiar with the decision.” Microsoft hasn’t disputed the claims, simply noting that there is nothing to announce […]

Apple and Microsoft argue over the small print

Recently we told you how Apple and Microsoft are engaged in a battle over the intricacy of how words are interpreted. Now the two are disputing the way to put those words on paper. As we noted, Microsoft is objecting to Apple’s attempts to trademark the term “App Store”, which has led to an argument […]

WTF: Man Upgrades VM from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7

What? I didn’t think something like this was possible! Funnily enough, the guy skipped Windows ME! :) [Via]

What’s in a name? Plenty, say Apple and Microsoft

You might think it is tough to have a lengthy argument about the meaning of two words. But in the case of Apple and Microsoft, you’d be wrong. Apple has now fired back in a legal row with Microsoft over whether or not the term “App store” should be protected as intellectual property. The dispute […]

Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

It’s here folks! Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is now available for download via Windows Update or direct download. Hit up this page for all the details about the update, and this link for all the download options. Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 helps keep your PCs […]

Apple takes another step to world dominance

Apple has become the second company in the world worth more than $300 billion. Meanwhile, less formal estimates put Facebook at $50 billion. It was only last May that Apple overtook Microsoft, with a market capitalization of $221 billion. That figure represents a company’s current stock price, multiplied by the number of stocks in the […]

New Year, New Bugs: Hotmail and iPhone get tech hangover

Apple and Microsoft have both suffered embarrassing starts to the new year, with iPhone alarms failing to go off and entire Hotmail accounts disappearing for several days. Microsoft says it has now solved a problem that began on New Year’s Eve with users finding their e-mail accounts partially or completely empty. There seems to have […]

This is What you Get: Custom Windows / Linux Box vs. Mac

Notice how I avoided writing “PC” in the headline so that all you trolls can’t remind me that a Mac is in fact a PC. Now let the flame war begin!

Tip of the Day: How to Quickly Open the Windows System Properties Window

Tired of always going back to the desktop or the start menu to open your system’s Windows system properties window? Here’s a quick way to do it: Hold the Windows key of your keyboard down, and then press the pause / break key. VoilĂ !