Write Error-Free With the WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

Write error-free with this intelligent, all-in-one spelling, style & grammar police app! Just $79 instead of $399.95 for a limited time (80% off!) Comes with access to all current & future product features for free, for life, and works on both Windows and Mac!

Even the best writers make errors. Whether you fit that mold or you’re an awful writer altogether, you’ll find your solution in WhiteSmoke. Using advanced technology, WhiteSmoke checks your work for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors – so you never send off a flawed work email again. Whether you’re writing on mobile or desktop, this versatile, easy-to-use software is compatible with all browsers, includes a translator for over 50 languages, and lets you perfect your writing virtually anywhere you do it.

-Rated as the #1 solution for English grammar, style, spelling & punctuation
-Comes w/ access to all current & future product features for free, for life
-Activates w/ just one click in browser-based text editors
-Analyzes text w/ unique patented artificial intelligence algorithms
-Checks for potential plagiarism w/ its huge database
-Works w/ Microsoft Word & Outlook to proofread your emails and documents

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant: Lifetime Premium Subscription$399.95 $79 (80% Off)

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