The Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Show – Take Two!

While I thought the first ad was really disappointing, this one is pretty hilarious, even though once again, apparently pointless. But wasn’t Jerry’s original show supposed to be based around this kind of stuff, meaning nothing? I guess that the message behind the ad must be about how Microsoft is a people company, and that […]

XP’s Nagware to Get an Upgrade [Oxymoron?]

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Mary-Jo Foley has posted an interesting bit of news about Microsoft’s most popular OS.  Nope, not Vista, silly, Windows XP.  It seems that Microsoft is planning a roll-out of a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage for XP.  If the update thinks you’ve got a pirated version of XP, […]

Microsoft Promises ‘Backwards Incompatibility’ On Internet Explorer 8.0

By Shéa Bennett Contributing Writer, [GAS] Microsoft, which released a feature-complete beta of Internet Explorer 8.0 on its website yesterday, has revealed that two of the main design goals of the product were backwards compatibility and total compliance with web standards. “The core web rendering engine in IE8 is compliant with web standards, but we […]

Exchange 2003 transaction log files filling up very quickly

I haven’t blogged about any IT-related issues in a while, and I thought that the solution to this little-known exchange 2003 problem would probably interest the SysAdmin crowd among you guys. If one day, you log into your inbox and find an email waiting for you announcing that the disk containing your exchange 2003 transaction […]

Implementing virtualization: Techniques and Tools for Microsoft Windows Conversion

Since a lot of you guys are IT professionals, I thought I would point you to an interesting whitepaper we have on our free magazine portal. Here’s a short summary. Most IT professionals know or suspect that virtualization of computer systems may have an important role in their organization’s evolving infrastructure – though where and […]

High-Tech Bar Tables Offer Virtual Flirting

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] A new Microsoft-powered table lets you flirt with strangers at a bar — without ever leaving your seat. Microsoft debuted the high-tech tabletop at Harrah’s Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas this week. It revolutionizes the very nature of the watering hole and may change the face of the […]