Microsoft Laptop Hunters Ad Spoof: Homeless Frank

In the following Laptop Hunters ad spoof, homeless Frank has a budget of $1,000 to find his perfect laptop. Will he succeed in his quest? Check out the video to find out!

Microsoft continues and expands attacks on Apple

Microsoft has accompanied the third of its anti-Apple commercials with a creative document detailing what it calls the ‘Apple Tax’. The latest ad follows the same theme: ‘ordinary’ shoppers (this time a mother and son) head out with a $1,500 budget and wind up choosing a PC over a Mac. This time the requirements are […]

Only one in 40 e-mails is NOT spam

Microsoft has revealed that almost all e-mails sent today are spam – though the figure fell slightly with the disconnection of a hosting provider which numbered a major spam network among its customers. The figures only relate to e-mails sent to customers of the Microsoft Forefront Online Security for Exchange service (FOSE) rather than the […]

Microsoft is Having a No Good Very Bad Day

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Microsoft is 0 for 2 today with legal skirmishes in other countries. The good news is, they only have to pay $11.9 million to Germany, for an illegal competition fine that stemmed from the company pressing a German retailer to sell Office 2007 software at a certain price. They […]

Bill Gates Facebook Page

I’m not sure if Bill Gates actually has a Facebook page, but if he does, it probably looks similar to this one. [via PCworld]

Microsoft commercial concedes Macs are sexy

Microsoft has launched another commercial attacking Apple products – and this time it’s gone straight for the jugular. Last week’s initial ad featured a shopper who said they couldn’t find a Mac to meet their budget and mocked the cool image the firm has among shoppers. The follow-up is even more to the point. This […]

7 Tips To Avoid Being A Conficker April Fool

With the Conficker virus set to go through a currently uncertain change tomorrow (April 1), here are seven ways to be sure you’ve protected your machine against the fallout. Don’t panic: The chances are the April Fool’s Day deadline has been overhyped. All that’s known for certain is that the number of potential website addresses […]

IE8 Presents: Remembering Stuff About the Internet

To celebrate the launch of IE8, Microsoft released a funny clip revisiting the best and worst of the web – from bleeding GIFS to pointless status updates. Enjoy!