IE9 Screen Shot: Looks like Chrome?

A little earlier today, it seems that Microsoft Russia accidentally posted what appears to be an IE9 screen shot on its press site. The picture was quickly taken down, but fortunately, someone was fast enough to grab it in time. Check it out: Looks a little like Chrome doesn’t it? In the meantime, we’ll have […]

Walmart bundle confirms $60 tag for Kinect games

Microsoft’s motion control system Kinect won’t be released until early November, but Walmart has become the first store to take pre-orders on bundles with games. The deal reveals that the games won’t be cheap. While several retailers, including Microsoft, are taking pre-orders on the device itself at around the $150 mark, Walmart is offering the […]

Mac vs. PC: The Truth

It hurts, doesn’t it? [Via Digg]

Microsoft’s Backwards Thinking Pays Off with InstaLoad

Microsoft has unveiled a technology which means batteries can be installed either way round. It’s already earned the backing of Duracell. According to Microsoft, battery installation is the type of issue which doesn’t create many tech help calls and complaints, but still acts as a niggle. It also argues its creation will be particularly suitable […]

Comedy Duo: Gates and Jobs [Pics]

Remember when we were poor? Let’s flip a coin! I went to a bank yesterday to talk about a loan.

Apple now world’s biggest tech firm

Apple is now officially bigger than Microsoft. But only on paper. This week marked the first time the market capitalization of Apple ($221 billion at the close of trading last night) exceeded that of Microsoft ($219 billion). Market capitalization is the paper value of the company: the number of shares multiplied by the current market […]

The Secret Mission of the Terminator

This one is for all the Microsoft fanboys and girls out there. Enjoy!

Hilarious Microsoft Office 2007 Prank

A Microsoft Office 2007 package with a motion alarm built right into it. Watch what happens when people try picking it up. Funny stuff.

Computer pioneer Ed Roberts: 1941-2010

The man who arguably inspired the creation of Microsoft has died at the age of 68. Ed Roberts launched the Altair 8800, one of the earliest home computers, and gave Bill Gates his first big break. Roberts and his company Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems marketed a series of electronics kits in the early 1970s, […]

Europe’s Web Users Cast their Ballots

It turns out some users really were open to the ideas of trying browsers other than Internet Explorer: they just needed a nudge in the right direction. Opera reports that downloads of its browser have more than doubled since the introduction of a “ballot screen” in Europe which prompts IE users to consider installing a […]

New PlayStation Move Commercial Makes Fun of Wiimote, Project Natal

Remember Sony’s sex toy Move controller we told you about last week? Well folks, the company has just released an ad promoting the “Move”, and unsurprisingly, it takes a jab against Nintendo’s Wiimote and Microsoft’s Project Natal. A few funny quotes from the commercial: “Because real boxers don’t hit like this [flails arms exasperatingly]” “It’s […]