Europe’s Web Users Cast their Ballots

It turns out some users really were open to the ideas of trying browsers other than Internet Explorer: they just needed a nudge in the right direction. Opera reports that downloads of its browser have more than doubled since the introduction of a “ballot screen” in Europe which prompts IE users to consider installing a […]

New PlayStation Move Commercial Makes Fun of Wiimote, Project Natal

Remember Sony’s sex toy Move controller we told you about last week? Well folks, the company has just released an ad promoting the “Move”, and unsurprisingly, it takes a jab against Nintendo’s Wiimote and Microsoft’s Project Natal. A few funny quotes from the commercial: “Because real boxers don’t hit like this [flails arms exasperatingly]” “It’s […]

Gates vs. Jobs – Part II

[Via MUO]

Mr. Ballmer, would you sign my mac please?

As much as everyone likes to make fun or Mr. Ballmer, you have to admit that the guy comes across as very likable. [Via Engadget]

Bill Gates Twitter Account

Well folks, ex-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has finally joined twitter yesterday, and so far, he tweeted 5 times and got over 185,000 followers. Now, let’s see how long he keep this up. If you want to follow him, just hit this link.

Job Offer: Microsoft Azure / Visual Studio Student Insider

Someone at Microsoft just contacted me about a job offer for IT students, so I decided to post it as this could be a great opportunity for some of our readers to gain experience with a key Microsoft product (either Windows Azure or Visual Studio). Not only will this allow you to get free training, […]

The Chrome Wars

So Google’s little browser, Chrome, has knocked Safari out of the third-place position, making up 4.4% marketshare among browsers, just barely eking it out over Safari at 4.37%. Sure, those are small potatoes compared to Internet Explorer and Firefox, but still significant. The jump is mostly due the release last week of Chrome for Mac, […]

Mozilla Flirts with Bing. Bing Approves.

A few days ago, there was this. And today, we see this: Simple coincidence? I think not.

Microsoft Releases Axed Windows 7 Family Guy Promotional Clips

A while ago, Microsoft announced that they would team up with Seth MacFarlane to do some Windows 7 / family guy promotional spots. Then a few weeks back, they decided that the family guys characters might not be the best fit for the Windows 7 brand and just axed the whole project. But it seems […]

Microsoft Store Employees Line Dancing

Yes folks, these are employees from the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, California, line dancing to… Black Eyed Peas! How long can you last? :) [Via [H]]

Microsoft to modders: Do come back (just buy a new console first)

Microsoft has confirmed its banning of players with modified consoles from Xbox Live will be permanent. But while some owners are offloading their consoles on eBay, others may have found a way to circumvent the ban. While some bans from the service (such as those for using threatening language towards other online players) are for […]

Microsoft to Xbox modders: See ya!

Microsoft has banned owners of modified Xbox 360s from its online gaming service Live. The precise numbers haven’t been revealed but estimates put it between 600,000 and a million. Microsoft hasn’t said how it has detected which machines have been modded but insists all affected users have breached terms and conditions. Anecdotal reports suggest it […]