Some Highlights of the #windowsrage

So I read this article on The Verge and I thought I should check out this #windowsrage hash tag that seems to be getting everyone all atwitter. It would seem that Windows Phone decided to kick off a poorly thought out #droidrage marketing scheme: This was promptly met with outrage and posts like this: Which […]


Patent ruling may mean fewer sales bans

A federal judge has made the first of several rulings in a case that could have a major effect on the patent wars that have plagued the smartphone and tablet markets. As we covered recently, the case between Microsoft and Motorola (now part of Google) involves patents that related to widely used technical standards. It’s […]

Scrollbars Through History [Pic]

There’s quite a few Windows scrollbars missing from the picture. Hmmm, I guess this was put together by a Mac user! :) [Source]

Microsoft vs. Google: Major tech patent issue could be clarified

The latest battle between Microsoft and Google could be more than the usual patent punch-up: it might set a precedent on the key issue of “reasonable” licensing terms. As we’ve previously covered, one of the main points of contention in the world of tech patents is “Rand” or “Frand” terms. That’s the widely agreed concept […]

The Live Tile Experiment [Video]

This happened a little while ago, but it’s still awesome. Microsoft created a rather elaborate prank in order to promote the “live tile” feature, which has been a part of Windows phone systems for a while but only recently came to desktops with Windows 8. The idea is that a music “tile” was installed in […]

Star Trek Universal Translators On Their Way

Yet more technology (like these real tractor beams) that seems inspired by the wonderful Star Trek Universe. It seems Microsoft have started developing a Universal Translator-esque system that outputs translated text in real time…in the voice of the speaker. Obviously, speech-to-text recognition software isn’t exactly brand new – Siri has become quite an established example […]

New Microsoft tablet: below the Surface

Notorious gadget-fiddlers iFixit say you’ll have to be pretty determined if you want to repair or upgrade the Microsoft Surface tablet yourself. But the limitations are as much about it being a tablet as the way Microsoft has put it together. The Surface is already in weird territory as most early reviews conclude that the […]

Ballmer: Microsoft will be a “devices and services” firm

Steve Ballmer has indicated that Microsoft will be putting much more emphasis on hardware in the future. He’s also given some clue about the pricing for the Surface tablet and it appears you can forget any thoughts of $199. Speaking to the Seattle Times, Ballmer rather dramatically called 2012 “the most epic year in Microsoft […]