The Wonderful Story Behind XP’s Bliss Wallpaper [Video]

From Microsoft: From today on Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. The one thing everybody will always remember of Windows XP is desktop image ‘Bliss’, with it’s green rolling hills and bluer than blue sky. Doesn’t the most viewed picture of all times asks for a worthy goodbye? We certainly think so! That’s why […]

Microsoft & Google Put Kibosh On Dual-System Devices

Plans by ASUS to launch mobile devices running both Windows and Android have been put on hold after objections from Microsoft and Google. It will also mean the end for two existing PC models that use both systems. ASUS first showed off the Transformer Book Duet TD300 in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. It […]

Windows XP Resists Death Sentence

The proportion of people using Windows XP actually rose in January. It may be little more than a statistical quirk, but the underlying story is what happens when Microsoft pulls the plug on support in barely two months. The figures come from NetMarketShare and are based on computers used to visit sites hosted by its […]

Bill Gates As Austin Powers and Steve Ballmer as Doctor Evil [Video]

OMG. So that’s where the idea of Windows 8 comes from! Bill Gates doesn’t make a very good Austin Powers… but Steve Ballmer and his Doctor Evil impersonation totally convinced me! This was uploaded to Youtube back in 2009, so I’m not exactly sure how I could have possibly missed this before. [James Etue]

Microsoft beats Google in latest patent battle: What it means

Microsoft has won the latest installment of the US court system’s smash hit “Patent Games” series. Once again, the verdict could establish a key precedent in the way patents operate. This week’s case was the second in a double header pitting Microsoft against Motorola, now owned by Google. Both involved Microsoft allegedly breaching Motorola patents […]