Aaron Paul’s Voice Trolls Xbox Users


If you walked into your living room to find Aaron Paul had switched on your Xbox, you’d be confused. But that’s just what the Breaking Bad star — or at least his voice — has been doing according to users.

Paul’s voice appears in a television commercial for the Xbox One in which he demonstrates the Kinect voice command features. Unfortunately it appears that when he speaks the magic words “Xbox on”, some user’s consoles have heard the sound from the TV and responded appropriately.

To make things even worse, Paul then orders the console to load up the game Titanfall — something that’s then happened for people who have that game installed.

With hindsight it seems inevitable this could be a problem. In most people’s set-ups, TV speakers are positioned among the best places to issue an audio command to the Kinect receiver. Throw in the fact that Paul has clear diction and it seems a recipe for mishaps.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the specific of this case other than to note it’s not the first such ad to demonstrate voice commands. It’s ironic timing, coming right as the Kinect-free version of the console goes on sale.

It’s not the first time the voice control has been used in ways Microsoft didn’t plan. Earlier this year pranksters joined online Call of Duty games using the gamertag “Xboxsignout” and successfully trolled players into addressing them by name.

4 Responses to Aaron Paul’s Voice Trolls Xbox Users

  1. Kinda think people are lying about this, i see the add a few times and have titanfall and nothing happened. Also, why wouldn’t they have the xboxone running while watching tv, i haven’t touched my cable box remote ever since i plugged my cable box into my xboxone

    • Exactly! This has never happened to me and I have the Tivo pass through setup. I find the voice commands so useful. No input changes and no remotes. Perfect

  2. This happened to me the other night and I was scrambling to grab my controller to shut down my Xbox One. It was annoying but hilarious at the same time. My speaker bar is right above the Kinect, so now I know to keep the volume down. I don’t use the Xbox for my cable since I have a dvr system. Just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to others. I even tweeted about it the same night. Work colleagues were hysterical since we’re in the industry.

  3. Sitting in the same Room as my xboxone, Back turned to it at the moment. Watched the video and heard something going on behind me. He turned on my xbox, and launched titan fall… Blew my mind til I remembered the name of this article…

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