Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gladiator Style (Comic)

I always wondered how that kind of stand-off would end…. [Source: The Perry Bible Fellowship]

The Mortal Kombat Theme Song Done A Capella! [Video]

In honor of Mortal Kombat X, the guys from The Warp Zone sing the classic MK theme song a cappella! MORTAL KOMBAT! [The Warp Zone]

Windows Scammer Calls Thief Who’s in The Process of Stealing a Computer [Video]

From PettyPranks: Windows Tech Support Scam calls and I answer pretending to be a burglar interested in stealing a laptop that the scammer wants to scam me with. [PettyPranks]

This is The Actual Variant Cover of the Newest ‘X-Files’ Comic

So no kidding, this is the variant cover to the 2015 ‘X-Files‘ Annual comic. Maybe this is how they are celebrating the rebirth of the show? Maybe this is an old photo taken from an episode and they thought it would be funny? Maybe they just lost their minds and went all nutty on us? […]

Banecat is Back to Torture You Soul Once Again [Video]

Here is the third episode of the fantastic Banecat web series. If you’ve missed episode one and two, you can check ’em first right here: Episode 1, Episode 2 Be very afraid. [BloodBlitz]

Dat Secret Identity [Comic]

[Source: Batman V Superman (Tumblr) | Follow @batsVsupes on Twitter | Like “Bats V Supes” on Facebook]

Geek’s Girlfriend Says No Geeky Stuff Upstairs, Geek Hides Toys in Plain Sight

Imgur user “ohhaibroadcast” got told by his girlfriend that he already had enough geeky stuff in the basement, so she didn’t want any of it upstairs. Instead of getting in a fight with her, he decided to hide some of his toys in plan sight. We’ve also included a few picture of his basement at […]

Historically Accurate [Comic]

[Source: Pain Train Comics]

Has Superman Finally Met his Match? [Comic]

[Source: Pie Comic | Like “Pie Comic” on Facebook]

It’s On: Batman and Superman Discuss Their New Trailer Over Coffee [Video]

Even Superman think the new Star Wars trailer was better, and Supes is right, I hope Disney leaves Han or Chewie alone in the next movie. If one of them die, I’ll make a total fool of myself at the cinema when I start sobbing uncontrollably in front of the whole audience. [HISHE]

Gordon Freeman Plays Fetch With His Pet Headcrab [Video]

Yep, that’s what Half-Life 3 is all about! [Source: VolF Maple on Coub]

Tell me, do you bleed? [Comic]

[Future_Room on Reddit | Via Memebase]