7 Foot Tall Dude Goes Shopping as an Uruk-Hai [Video]


From Olivier Richters: This make-up was made by “Rossanne Puck Aafjes” for her graduation assignment at the study Allround Grimeur. We went to the shoppingmall afterwards to see the reaction of random people to the costume, just for fun. [Olivier Richters]

World War B (As in Blocks) [World War Z Parody]


A funny parody of World War Z featuring LEGO minifigs and their clones. There’s something wrong with them! They look like us but act different! [Adult Swim]

Guy Makes Music Video to ‘All By Myself’ During Overnight Layover in Vegas [VIDEO]


One’s man’s layover can be another person’s treasure. Now, I’ve been to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and it is not at all very far from the Strip, so why this Richard Dunn chap¬†didn’t just leave the airport when he learned about his overnight layover I don’t know, but…for all our joys, I’m glad […]

10 Reasons Why Sauron is Actually a Really Great Guy


Some funny edits on why Sauron is actually a really great guy by Tumblr user alpha-blaziken. [Source: alpha-blaziken on Tumblr | Via]

This Year’s E3 Conference Resumed


I don’t know about you guys, but everything I’ve read (or watched) from the E3 conference so far this year has left be seriously unimpressed. I mean, I’ve seen almost no real gameplay, the only things we’ve been shown are elaborate cut scenes for titles that I’m mostly not even interested about. And it seems […]

Guns Don’t Kill People… [Pic]

[Bumber Sticker Available @ Amazon.com | Via GU]

Dorkly Comic: 4 TV Shows Made Nicer


Comic by Tony Wilson from Dorkly. Breaking Nice, Game of Niceness, Hannicebal and… Thomas the nice engine? :) [Source: Dorkly]

SPOILER ALERT: Please Stop Giving Everything Away, Hollywood!


Hey TRAILER PEOPLE! Please stop giving away entire movies when releasing movie trailers! [Glove and Boots | Via TA]

LOL: Superhero Movies in a Nutshell [Video]


When a teenage boy comes into contact with a Radioactive-Gamma-Serum-Dead-Parent-Mach­ine, he develops strange new superpowers, stops a bank robbery, fights a giant robot, saves the girl of his dreams and thwarts a diabolical genius. ALL IN ONE TAKE. [Above Average]

I Got to Take Advantage of this Great Weather! [Comic]


Now that it’s starting to be a little warmer outside, we have to take the time to take advantage of the great weather! [Source: Invisible Bread Comics]

Mark Hamill Converses With Himself: The Joker is Luke Skywalker’s Father [Video]


From Inside the Magic: During A Conversation with Mark Hamill, the legend performed a famous scene from Star Wars, acting out both the parts of Luke Skywalker and the voice of the Joker. [Inside the Magic | Via NA]