Daredevil Should be Named Batman [Video]

Here’s why Daredevil should be called Batman. [Dorkly on Youtube]

The Extreme Dangers of Selfie Sticks [PSA]

Selfie sticks are super dangerous, so be sure to handle them with care. [Pizza Hut]

Protecting Your Daughter [Comic]

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Black Ops 3: The Deleted Trailer

Disclaimer right away: this is obviously not the actual dialogue from the Black Ops 3 trailer. This is purely meant for satirical purposes and should not get any fanboys butthurt because it is just being funny. We gamers get a rep about not having good senses of humor when it comes to things we love, […]

I Grew Up in Faraway Lands [Animated Comic]

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A Brief Summary of Star Wars [Video]

A brief summary of Star Wars, because people on the Internet like it when things are short and simple. [Z. M. S.]

The Charade [Comic]

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Equipping A Drone With Roman Candles And Then Letting It Attack

You know those days when you are sitting around with your friends and you can’t think of anything productive to do, so you think of something insane? Yes, this is kind of like that. YouTuber Andy Stewart decided to attach some roman candles to an attack drone and then run around helplessly while it fired […]

What it Feels Like Getting a Paycheck as an Adult [Comic]

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The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet [Video]

Here’s Delta Airline’s new plane safety video featuring the Internet and some of its most memorable stars from the past. What does it mean? [Delta]

Developing Video Games: Then and Now [Comic]

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Fifty Shades of Tubby [Video]

“He was a billionaire with no friends and room full of sorrows. She was a mythical creature in search of a magical ball. But when red on the outside meets red on the inside, someone is in for a rude awakening.” [Source: Ochre Jelly]