The Harsh Reality Behind the ‘Pikmin’ Games

It’s actually very Christopher Columbus now that I see it in a more realistic light. Pikmin is some twisted stuff. (imgur)

90’s Style PC Party Rap [Video]

Why can’t we just all get along? :) [The Warp Zone]

Why Star Trek Ship Always Meet Nose-to-Nose [Comic]

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Harry Potter Fans Want to Free Dobby at Warner Bros. Studio Tour [Pic]

It seems like there’s quite a few dedicated Harry Potter fans who want to set Dobby free at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. For those who don’t remember, giving an item of clothing to a house elf is the only way to set them free from their master’s service in the Potterverse. [Picture […]

Everything is Made from Star Stuff [Comic]

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What It Looks Like When You Are A Baby in ‘Fallout 3’

We all just assumed from the first person perspective we were looking through¬†in the first parts of Fallout 3¬†that we were looking through the eyes of an infant in the beginning of that game. Nope. You were looking through the eyes of a tiny, life sized man who clearly crawled up from the gates of […]

10 Hilarious Foreign Rip-Offs Of Popular Hollywood Films

10 Hilarious Foreign Films That Ripped Off Popular Movies! Turkish Captain America, Japanese Spider-Man, Brazilian Star Wars and more! [Screen Rant]

The Childhood of a Coder: Playing Video Games With a Friend [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that. [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]

Coding Rhapsody [Comic]

Be sure to read this one while having Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in mind. [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]

Please Rate Me from 1 to 10 [Video]

Asking people to rate you is just a bad idea. A really bad one. [genuinejerks]

The Doctors of Gotham City [Comic]

Yep, I just double checked, they all have doctorates! [Source: Texts from Superheroes]