Epic Rap Battles of History: Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso [Video]


A new episode of Epic Rap Battle of History featuring Bob Ross and Pablo Picasso! Let the battle begin! [ERBOH]



[Source: The Awkward Yeti | Via Neatorama]

‘Archer’ Presents: ISIS Orientation Videos

Archer_Krieger_gun safety

In anticipation of the Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 season premiere of Archer, FX has been releasing a series of ISIS orientation videos. The first two feature Pam Poovey talking about conflict resolution and Dr. Algernop Krieger addressing gun safety. [Archer / Source: YouTube]

Have a Black Cat? Now You Too Can be Batman! [Pic]


It’s as simple as that! [Source: Damien Greenhalgh on Twitter | Via LS]

Corgi Fight [Comic]

Corgi Fight_featured image

CUTEST FIGHT EVER! [Source: Jennwah (tumblr)]

‘Batman: The Creep Crusader’ [Video]


Gotham doesn’t have a prayer when Batsy turns over to the Dark Side… Can you guess which former┬áJackass┬ástar plays The Joker? He’s surprisingly good! (WARNING: This video contains 3 curse words.) [Sam Macaroni / Source: YouTube]

HONEST TRAILER: Pacific Rim [Video]


I loved this movie, but I could not find one thing in this Honest Trailer that I disagreed with: Most Awesome Dumb Movie Ever Made or the Dumbest Awesome Movie Ever Made? [Screen Junkies / Source: YouTube]

Disney Princesses Celebrate “No Shave November”! [Gallery]

disney beards 2

Well, it is Movember, so Adam Ellis thought “Why shouldn’t the Disney princesses not lend their support, too?” (Also, as creepy as these may be, the facial hair doesn’t look fake! It’s kind of incredible.) [via The Mary Sue]  

Hilarious: X-Men’s Professor X Fires Angel [Video]


After Wolverine and Gambit, Professor X decides to fire Angel. This is by far the most hilarious sketch of the series so far. BIRD!!! [Pete Holmes]

HONEST TRAILER: Man of Steel [Video]


THIS HONEST TRAILER IS RATED ‘S’ FOR SUPER SPOILERS! Superman is the hero that every kid looked up to, until Man of Steel made him into a mopey violent a-hole. But hey, at least “he’s kinda hot!” [via Comic Book Movie]