When Goku Goes Super Sandwich [Video]

Warning: LOUD. Yes, I know, this is kind of stupid, but it totally respect the spirit of Dragon Ball Z. [ADHD]

Funny Fallout: Even Forrest Gump Knows Better Than To Mess With Deathclaws

Anyone who plays Fallout knows the Deathclaws are some of the most fearsome beasts in that whole world. Hell, even Forrest Gump knows when it is better just to turn and run. Whoever Imgur user made this, thank you. Just thank you. (H/T Reddit, Via Imgur)

Console [Comic]

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Ken and Rue Have To Make Up For All Those Cars They Smashed

It is called karma, guys, and it is a real thing. (Via Imgur)

Jedi Chipmunks Epic Lightsaber Battle [Video]

Jedi Chimpmunk Squirrels to the rescue! If you’re the kind of Star Wars fan who enjoys anything and everything to do with a galaxy far, far away, this epic chipmunk lightsaber battle might be right up your alley. We assume one squirrel is a Jedi and the other has clearly gone to the dark side. […]

The “Street Fighter” Series Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment [Video]

From the studio who hates MegaMan as much as you love it come the game that’s taken more quarters from children than every bully combined. [Smosh Games]

Just Cause 3: Facepalm Statue Win

All I am saying, and mark my words: Just Cause 3 will forever change the landscape of ‘Watch Me Play’ videos. This game isn’t even out yet and this proves just how fantastic this virtual playground is going to be.¬†Statue facepalm for the win. Well, it’s more like a “self face slap” but the humor […]

Meeting Online Friends For the First Time at Cons [Comic]

Yep, getting a conversation going in real life is often difficult even if you do it all the time online. Being a geek often goes along with being shy unfortunately. [Source: Dork Tower | Follow “Dork Tower” on Twitter | Like “Dork Tower” on Facebook]

Bioart: Someone Added a “Big Daddy” To A Thrift Store Painting

All I learned today from the internets is that when you add a Big Daddy from Bioshock to a thrift store painting, the end result is absolutely fantastic. Check out the whole process here. (Via Imgur)

Why You Should NEVER Go Down on a Water Slide on Your Back, Head-First [Video]

It’s just a bad idea. [Matt Hess]

Superman’s Nightmare [Comic]

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Too Many Marvel Movies: An Animated Parody

Are there too many Marvel movies? With the release of Avengers 2, Ant-Man, and countless other superhero news, the fangirls certainly feel they’ve had enough. The head fangirl grimly proves there’s no escape from the marvel universe. [OnlyLeigh]