A Plan to Stop Thanos [Comic]


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I Am Batman [Comic]


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Anime Things That Would Get You In Trouble In Real Life [Video]


Ouch! Fortunately, no one does that, or at least no one I know of. [Dorkly]

Being Good to Each Other is So Important, Guys [Comic]


A Fantastic webcomic by LA-based animator and comic artist “The Nate.” This one might not seem a whole lot geeky at first, but be sure to keep on reading! [Source: LeveL – An Online Webcomic by Swinehart | Naterade on Tumblr | Like LeveL on Facebook | Follow LeveL on Twitter]

A Czech Anti-Public Urination Sign [Pic]


You’ve been warned. [schizoduckie on Reddit | Via LS]

A Student Wants You to Know [Pic]

…Or just come and study in Canada and cut your tuition bill by… a lot. [Via IFLS]

I’m Batman [Comic]


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Diablo Games: The Honest Trailer [Video]


Experience all 3 of the action RPG click-fest that gave an entire generation carpal tunnel syndrome: Diablo. [Smosh Games]

Game for Girls [Comic]


Fortunately, we almost never see this happening anymore… [Source: Dork Tower]

Glory of Thrones: A Tribute to the Hound [Game of Thrones/Peter Cetera Parody]


Singer/Songwriter and Geeks are Sexy reader Bonecage just sent me this: This is a tribute to Game of Thrones / the Hound set to the music from Peter Cetera’s “Glory of Love” (which you may remember as the theme song from Karate Kid. [Bonecage]

9 Things You Can Do to Celebrate INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!


I just woke up this morning and remembered that today is INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY! Since I never really stop working, I went online and looked if anyone had written anything in honor of the day, and all I saw is… nothing. SHOCKING RIGHT? :) So in honor of the day, here are nine things you […]