“My Fandom Valentine” Envisions Pop Culture Characters Being Asked Romantic Questions

From OnlyLeigh: In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked your favorite TV and Movie characters questions about love, romance and everything in between. Can you name them all? [OnlyLeigh]

Dorkly Comic: High School Vs College When You’re A Nerd

A fantastic and all too true comic by Justin Hall of Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

Captain Mal, Star-Lord and Han Solo Walk into a Bar…

In this video, Star-Lord, Han Solo, and Malcolm Reynolds argue over who got the worst repayment for their heroic deeds. But they can all agree on one simple fact…they all got the short end of the stick. [BrotherhoodWorkshop]

Freddie Wong Fights Group of Villains with Weaponized Umbrella [Video]

Freddie Wong is as entertaining as ever in his latest short film where his vacation in London takes a rather unexpected turn… [RocketJump]

Transforming the Pokemon Theme to a Song About Jesus is the Worst Idea Ever [Video]

No. Just no. [eikemz]

Jurassic World – Raptor Training? [Video]

Chris Pratt training Raptors as his pets? Everyone knows that’s ridiculous, right? :) [HISHE]

New iPhone Time [Comic]

[Source: Pie Comic]

Heisenberg: A Breaking Bad/Toto’s Africa Parody [Video]

Just got this awesome Breaking Bad/Toto’s Africa musical parody from my pal Bonecage, and you guys just have to check it out! Good lord do I love Breaking Bad! On my 3rd time through the show on Netflix, I thought, “This show would be ill-suited to pair with a very 80s and super-awesome Toto song!” […]

Game of Clones: George R.R. Martin Clones Himself to Finish His Books [Video]

George R.R. Martin, Meet George R.R.R.R. Martin. [humordy]

Harry Potter and the Magic Show: Coming Soon? [Parody]

Hogwarts seems to be taken by a different kind of magic lately. I’m so sorry. [PistolShrimps]

Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?

We’ve all seen it. There is an empty box somewhere and your cat comes into view, intrigued by it. First it may use a paw to touch it, then it might nuzzle its face up against it. Next thing you know, the cat is inside the box and seems to be about as content as […]

Nighttime Me vs. Daytime Me [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that. [Source: Exploding Dinosaur Comics]