Beauty and The Hulk [Video]

An incredible green beast called The Hulk keeps a prisoner inside his castle. That’s when the beautiful Natasha Romanoff offers herself instead to free her father. What she didn’t imagine is that the beast is in fact a charming and sweet creature she would fall in love with. Coming soon, the most beloved fairy tale […]


Being Honest [Comic]

Being honest with others is important, but being too honest isn’t necessarily always a good idea, even though the characters featured in the comic above by Spencer Moreland from A Comik seem to be taking it fairly well. I’ve been a little too honest a few times in the past, especially with some of my […]

An American’s Guide to the Canadian Provinces

For any Americans considering visiting Canada, here is “An American’s Guide to the Canadian Provinces (and territories)“ by Jamie Shaw . We hope it will be very useful to you during your stay. Editor’s note: As a proud Canadian and resident of the province of Quebec, the description you’ll read of our province (below) is […]

Dorkly Comic: Why The Dark Side Is Way Better

In this Dorkly Comic, Andrew Bridgman and cartoonist Anna-Maria Jung take a look at 6 reasons why being a Sith lord is way more fun and interesting than being a Jedi. Reason number two isn’t entirely true though, Jedi do have some pretty cool powers such as “force push.” I have to say that “Force […]

Video Games Were So Lazy in the 90s [Comic]

Yep, it’s true, video games in the 90s were often guilty of reusing sprites and just changing their colors to create entirely new characters. Some of the first Mortal Kombat games were a perfect example of this. Sub-Zero and Scorpion are the first characters that come to my mind, but there are plenty of others. […]

The Most Unpopular Webcomic Ever

It seems that being a regular person online, and even in real life, is rather boring to people on the Internet nowadays. To be Interesting to others, you somehow need to have a personality or an opinion that is outside of the norm, and that’s kind of sad. [Source: Wooden Plank Studios | Like “Wooden […]

Stranger Things [Comic]

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Why Can’t I Sleep? [Comic]

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