These Ugly Star Wars Christmas Sweaters Will Make You Strong With the Force!

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will hit the big screen on December 18th, so why not celebrate both the holiday season and the release of the movie with one of these Star Wars Christmas sweaters? There’s plenty more available at Amazon, so be sure to check ’em all out and go through a few pages! […]

Fallout 4: 24 Sarcastic Lines That Make Sarcastic Our Favourite Fallout 4 Dialogue Option

Yes, you can still be a sarcastic jerk in Fallout 4, much like all the other wonderful Fallout games. Here are some of the best sarcastic responses from Fallout 4, so far, via OutsideXbox. Am I jealous they are already playing it? No, not at all. *Cries forever

How to Make a Real Difference in This Scary World [Comic]

A fantastic comic by my pal Brian from Fowl Language showing the only true way we can make a lasting difference in this world in the long term. [Source: Fowl Language | Like Fowl Language on Facebook]

Halo vs. Destiny: When The Spartans Meet The Guardians [Video]

Master Chief and the Halo Spartans face off against the Guardians from the Bungie Game Destiny. Who will win this live action battle royale to the death? [Freakin Rad]

The Force is Strong With This Darth Vader Stocking Holder

Just imagine Santa getting into your home to end up being greeted by Darth Vader holding on to your Christmas Stocking by the fireside. Now how awesome would that be? Get this Star Wars Darth Vader Stocking Holder to keep your stocking safe by the fireside. It’s a sleek gunmetal finish, and the front has […]

Dorkly Comic: Things We Wish We Could Tell Our Past Selves About Gaming

The perception that games were actually better in the 80s and 90s was probably influenced by our age. We’re all spoiled now. A comic by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

The Life Of All Fallout Fans Over Next Year….

It’s okay, take no shame in this. I am right there with you. The Fallout universe is just that damn good. It’s worth putting your regular life on hold indefinitely. (Imgur)

Life’s Box of Chocolates [Comic]

[Source: John Atkinson – Wrong Hands]

Star Wars Episode 7 Predictions [Comic]

[Source: Rock Paper Cynic | Like “Rock Paper Cynic” on Facebook | Follow “Rock Paper Cynic” on Twitter]

Words Get Phonetically Defined [Comics]

John Atkinson of Wrong Hands has drawn these two comics taking a look at the “hidden” meaning of various words based on their phonetic definition. [Source: John Atkinson – Wrong Hands: Part I | Part II | Via LS]

Let The Fallout 4 Glitch-Fest Begin + Infinite Caps Exploit

Gotta love Bethesda. They make great games that make from even greater glitches. I know when I played Fallout 3, for about ten hours of that game my Dogmeat was three times the size he was supposed to be because of a glitch. Now, apparently, with next-gen hardware, he can float through stairs. God bless […]