8 Ways to Sit on Couches [Comic]

A series of illustration showcasing 8 ways people can sit on couches. On a regular week, I use at least half of these on a daily basis. [Source: Julia from the Cheese3d Tumblr Blog | Via Neatorama]

What If Wes Anderson Directed An ‘X-Men’ Film?

Very few directors in modern Hollywood can do “quirky” and “indie” quite like Wes Anderson. So what would happen if the colorful man was given free reigns over the next ‘X-Men’ film? All I can say is I would see the heck out of this. [Image via Hollywood Reporter, H/T to SuperPunch]

Prioritize Your Life [Comic]

[Source, Nedroid]

In Deep Water [Comic]

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HEY IT PEOPLE: Send In Your IT Horror Stories + Big Giveaway! #getthroughit [Sponsored by Canon] (Updated)

Edit: You still have about 24 hours left to send in your stories and get a chance to win a Canon ImageCLASS color laser printer! (a value of $1299!) IT horror stories: we’ve all heard about (or experienced firsthand) helpdesk tickets that provide absolutely no logical explanation to system admins. They provide fodder for stories that […]

I’m Batman [Comic]

A comic by Pickled Comics that pays homage to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the fantastic work they’re doing. [Source: Pickled Comics]

The Rocket Experiment That Went Mindblowingly Wrong [Video]

A young kid and his mother build a rocket and bring it outside to launch it into orbit… but things go totally wrong. [Action Movie Kid]

The Crazy Life Of Superhero Action Figures [Picture Gallery]

Photographer Edy Hardjo uses his imagination, his camera, and a little Photoshop magic to bring life to superhero action figures and create amazing images of a reality that unfortunately does not exist. Be sure to check all his photos below, and if you like what you see, go ahead and give him a like on […]

Batman v. Superman v. Iron Man v. Captain America: Dawn of Civil War [Video]

A tale of billionaires without any superpowers and two super strong patriors, one which is a lot stronger than the other! [Dorkly]

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Camera: Hands-On Review

A Barbie with a built-in camera is essentially the tackiest and freakiest way a grown man could ever take a photo of anything. I am sure tech savvy kids and progressive minded pervs will find uses for it, though. Scary uses I don’t even wanna think about right now, actually. Also, gotta love that 0.3 […]

Thanks to This Robot, I’ll Never Have to Work Again! [Comic]

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