Top 10 Bizarre MGS 5: Phantom Pain Glitches

I am one of those goofy gamers who thinks that glitches are sometimes more fun than the game themselves. They offer an often hilarious moment in what is otherwise a very serious game. Take these Phantom Pain glitches, for example. A great game with some GREAT glitches. Also, a horse can poop on you on […]

4-Year-Old Twin Girls Want Princess Hulk Cake For Their Birthday [Pic]

Redditor NobodyLikesASmartAss‘s twin daughter recently asked their dad for a princess hulk cake for their birthday, so he made one. I have to say, Hulk looks positively “smashing” in his princess gown, don’t you think? [NobodyLikesASmartAss on Reddit]

I Made Some ‘Rick and Morty’ Meets ‘Adventure Time’ Fan Art!

For those who don’t know, Justin Roiland who created Rick and Morty with Dan Harmon and does most of the voices also plays the voice of Lemongrab on Adventure Time. To me, this seemed quite fitting. Please note the Star Trek red shirt reference. What do you think? Don’t worry, I know my art sucks, […]

Mario Reflects Back on His Life for His Game’s 30th Birthday [Video]

In a special 30th anniversary commentary track, a middle-aged Mario remembers the incredibly traumatic experience of Super Mario Bros. [The Watercooler]

When an Opera Singer Inhales Helium [Video]

Watch as professional opera singer Christina Elizabeth performs “Deh Vieni Non Tardar” from The Marriage of Figaro under the influence of… helium! [Christina Elizabeth]

Cats vs. Zombies [Video]

Watch as 2 cats declare war on a horde of zombies to save a poor kitten trapped on top of an old shed. [Mr.TVCow]

A Review of the New iPad Pro (Parody)

Warning: Don’t go at the link in the video, especially if you’re at work. Youtuber jacksfilms got his hands on an “iPad Pro” and lets us know his thoughts about the tablet. [jacksfilms]

Waste of Time [Comic]

[Source: Loading Artist | Like “Loading Artist” on Facebook | Follow “Loading Artist” on Twitter]

Ha Ha [Comic]

It’s just like adding “LOL” at the end of a text! [Source: Poorly Drawn Lines | Like Poorly Drawn Lines on Facebook | Follow Poorly Drawn Lines on Twitter]

To Those Who Say “Metal Gear” Objectifies Women: A One Picture Rebuttal

Some brilliant Reddit user put this together and I could not agree more. Metal Gear objectifies everything, not just women. That is half the fun and insanity of the game. Just saying. Show this picture to the next idiot who complains that Quiet is in a bikini in Phantom Pain. At least she is not […]

If Insurance Companies Were Honest [Video]

Cracked pokes some fun at insurance companies by producing an “honest” commercial for the various services they offer. Can’t say I totally agree with them, but it still made me laugh. [Cracked]