Daylight Saving: The Movie [Video]


This is exactly how daylight saving time makes me feel. [Nacho Punch]

Star Wars Jedi Babies Have a Lightsaber Fight Over a Cupcake [Video]


Watch as two young Jedi battle it out for the last cupcake in the galaxy. [Oscar Rene]

The Most WTF Thing You’ll See Today: PIZZA FREAKS UNITE!


Here’s your daily serving of WTF. You’re welcome. [Totinos | Via TA]

Doctor Poo and the Turdis [Pic]


[Source: Reddit | Via]

A Much, MUCH Nicer Version of Se7en (The Movie) [Video]


A much nicer version of Se7en : Because everyone needs love sometimes! [Dorkly]

What if Burritos Were Like Next Gen Gaming Consoles?


Warning: Language. It would be like Hell on Earth, that’s what it would be! [Aren’t We Clever]

The Tampon Container [Comic]

I’ve been known to be stupidly literal like that on occasions. :) [Source: Jim Benton – Dr. Sheila’s Robot]

Batman is Totally Jelly [Video]


Batman thinks Wyldstyle could do better than Emmet, but what he doesn’t know is that Emmet has a new secret identity! [HISHE]

Captain America as a Terrible Low Budget 80s Movie


From ChiefBrodyRules: This is a fan made trailer mashup. It is not suppose to be real, nor is it true to the comics or films. This is strictly made for fun parody of 70s/80s action movies featuring my favorite Avenger. I hope you enjoy this video. [ChiefBrodyRules | Via]

How I Wish I came Home From Work vs. How I Actually Come Home from Work [Comic]


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GASP: Commander Shepard Attacks Nathan Fillion in His Own Home! [Pics]


Provoking Nathan Fillion in a lightsaber duel seems to be a thing now, because after the man battled Joss Whedon a few days ago, Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard himself, tried to slay Captain Tight Pants in his own home. Shame on You, Mark! ;) Oh, and Nathan, if you ever read this, […]

People you Come Across in IT Schools [Comic]

Yep, that comes fairly close to the reality… [Source: CommitStrip]