Short Supply [Comic]

When it comes to nostalgia, logic just does not apply. Unfortunately, the NES classic is still out of stock everywhere. You can still get it online, but you’ll have to pay around $200 to get one unfortunately. I just hope Nintendo produces a massive amount of unit before the holiday season begins since this is […]

Shame or Glory: Man Gets Shamed by GOT’s The Mountain for Buying Plastic Bottles [Video]

Even though this is an ad for Sodastream, it’s a brilliant one, and features Septa Unella and The Mountain from Game of Thrones. The ad is based on the GOT episode titled “Mother’s Mercy” where Cersei Lannister has to walk naked through the streets of Kings Landing while being accompanied by Septa Unella, who keep […]

Metal Kitchen #6: Lamb of God Makes Thanksgiving Dinner

In this new episode of “Metal Kitchen,” Linzey Rae prepares Thanksgiving dinner Lamb of God style! Check it out! [Source: Linzey Rae on Youtube]

Overwatch and One Very Smart Boyfriend

So a dude who we will call dude has a girlfriend who just got into Overwatch BIG TIME but was quite sad that no matter how much better she got over time, she just wasn’t getting as many views as she had hoped and was kinda bummed by it. Hey, it happens. We can’t all […]

That Link You Should Never Have Clicked [Comic]

It used to happen quite a lot in the past when I was visiting 4chan, but now, I just have to scroll down my Facebook timeline (or Tumblr, for that matter,) and there’s always at least one thing I regret seeing… or clicking for that matter. [Source: Jim Benton Comics on Tumblr | Jim Benton […]


[Source: Chris Hallbeck – Maximumble | Like Maximumble on Facebook | Follow Maximumble on Twitter]

Video Game Logic: FIRE! (Epic NPC Man) [Video]

In this new episode of “Epic NPC Man,” the folks from Viva La Dirt League take a look at the strange logic behind fire in certain video games. How could a house start burning after being hit a few times with a sword, and then magically fix itself with just two or three strokes of […]

Bullied [Comic]

Sometimes, just a little compliment (or a few) can go a long way in getting people to act nice with you! I was getting bullied quite a lot back when I was in elementary school/early highschool, but I never tought of using this particular approach. Not sure it would have worked, but hey, if you […]