Bad Lip Reading: The NFL 2015 Edition [Video]

Anything related to the NFL might not be all that geeky, but bad lip reading videos always make me laugh, so here you go. I think my face is happier fuzzy. [Bad Lip Reading]

Bill Gates and Jimmy Fallon do Processed Poop Water Taste Test [Video]

In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Bill Gates challenged Jimmy Fallon to drink a glass of poop water that was processed through the Omniprocessor, a machine that turns sewer sludge into regular, clean drinking water. To learn more about the Omniprocessor, you can see the machine in action at this […]

Regular Black Metal vs. HAPPY Black Metal + If Deathcore Sounded Happy! [Videos]

Listen as Youtuber Steve Terreberry performs a regular Black Metal song he wrote using the harmonic minor scale, and then changing the song to use the harmonic major scale. He also did the same thing with a song composed in the Deathcore genre. [SteveTerreberry]

EL TERROR: Little Girl Goes Super Saiyan on Bandit in This Amusing Animated Short

In the wild Sonoran desert, the greatest criminal of the Far-West suffers the wrath of a four years old child after stealing her ice cream cone. [Franco]

Lost in Space [Comic]

[Source: Pictures in Boxes | 1111comics]

The Animated Adventures of Solid Snake [Video]

Unable to resist the call of the battlefield, Solid Snake returns for his most exciting mission yet. [mashed]

The Forbidden Love of John Snow and Legolas [Video]

John Snow and Legolas, that would actually work! Right? Oh, and if you don’t want to break the “magic” of the moment, stop listening at 0:51! [SawdustFilms | Via Dorkly]

Honest Game Trailer: The Sims [Video]

You’ve Simmed a city, a tower, an earth, and an ant. Now, EA and Maxis let you simulate the least interesting subject yet – you! The Sims. [Smosh Games]

Alarm Clock Philosophies [Pic]

I’m the maximizer about 10% of the time, but usually, I always wake up about 5 minutes before the alarm goes off. I must be some kind of precog I guess. What about you? :) [Source: The Doghouse Diaries]

Internet Anonymous [Comic]

[Source: The Gentleman’s Armchair]

The Video Sharing Dilemma [Comic]

[Source: Pig Knit Comics]

LEGO Groot, Hodor, and Chewbacca: “No One Understands” [Video]

A Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Marvel mashup, in which our three favorite taciturn sidekicks are allowed to express how they really feel. [BrotherhoodWorkshop]