Dorkly Comic: If Video Games Were Countries [Comic]


If video games were countries: a comic by Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly]

You Didn’t Really Ask for it, so Here You Go: Introducing the Apple Watch [Parody]


Introducing the iWatch Apple Watch: The watch you never asked for and never wanted. [jacksfilms]

Napoleon Dynamite’s Get-Well Message to Fan with Cancer [Video]


Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) recently filmed this awesome get-well message for a young fan with cancer. Check it out! [Jonathan H]

Illustrated Twitter Typos are Hilarious [Picture Gallery]


Tumblr blog Illustrated Twitter Typos does exactly what its name suggests: It takes tweets that have funny typos and create illustration out of them. Her are some of my favorites: [Illustrated Twitter Typos | Via IO9]

Zelda Jiggle: A Jason Derulo “Wiggle” Parody [Video]


Cuz you know what to do with that big, clay pot… Jiggle jiggle jiggle… Previous on [GAS] by K-Race Rules: TALK NERDY TO ME: A “Talk Dirty” Parody [K-Face Rules]

Dear iPhone 6 Users. Sincerely, All Android Users Everywhere [Pic]


Thanks to our Facebook Fan Chris (and to all the others who have pointed this out today) for the tip! [Via]

Who’s Faster: Superman or The Flash? [Video]


Superman is faster than a speeding bullet… and he’s kind of a jerk. Find out who’s the fastest superhero in the DC universe. [Dorkly]

Godzilla 2014: The Honest Trailer [Video]


A movie that barely contains any Brian Cranston… and even less Godzilla. [Screen Junkies]

Huge Moments in my Life [Comic]


Replace the iThingy with any other fun gadgets/computers/phones, and that’s totally me. I have to admit that the new iPhone 6 looks kind of nice though. [Source: Fowl Language | Fowl Language on Facebook]

Why Starbucks Baristas Almost Always Spell Your Name Wrong [Video]


Warning: Language. Yep, that totally makes sense, and I’d probably do the same thing if I’d work at a Starbucks too! [Paul Gale Comedy | Via TN]

The True Culprit Behind Global Warming [Comic]


[Source: Mr. Lovenstein | Like Mr. Lovenstein on Facebook]

Justice in Classroom Management [Comic]


I’m Batman. [Source: Dragonart | Dragonart on Facebook]