Delusions of Grandeur [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that. Sometimes, people feel like they’ve accomplished what they think are fantastic feats that could put their names in the guinness book of world records, but it’s something pretty common that’s nothing to really talk about. [Source: Deathbulge Comics | Like “Deathbulge Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Deathbulge Comics” on Twitter […]

If Energy Drink Ads Were Honest [Video]

Energy drinks are just like drugs except with cooler colors. Plus, they usually taste really, really bad. I do drink them on occasions when I need to stay awake and there’s no coffee available, but after watching this, I’m not sure I’m interesting in putting these in my body anymore. Metal tubes of caffeinated sparkling […]

The Greatest Detective [Comic]

[Source: patbird & galesaur]

The Other Queen [Comic]

[Source: Poorly Drawn Lines | Like “Poorly Drawn Lines” on Facebook]

I Am The Night [Comic]

So in this case, how would you call Batman’s Batarang? A Back-Tarang or a Bat-Scratcher? As long as it does the job, I guess the name isn’t really important after all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and try to see if my Batarang letter opener works as pictured in the comic. […]

Storage Wars [Comic]

Whether you are a fan of oldschool game discs or modern games that you download digitally, there’s a problem that all gamers have to face eventually: you’ll always need extra space, both virtually and physically. I still prefer having actual game discs since those can be sold back to game stores, unlike the ones you’ve […]

Our Show [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that, and on both sides of the situation. It just sucks when you follow a show with your significant other and then you realize that they watched an episode without you. On the other side of the fence, sometime the pull is just too strong and you have to watch it […]