Princess Rap Battle: Cinderella vs. Belle [Video]

Belle wins all the way. Cinderella is way too nice for this. [Whitney Avalon]

The Mushroom Kingdom [Comic]

Mario Golf was released in 1999. Ah, the memories! [Source: Blow the Cartridge Comics]

Con Man: A Comedy by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Produced by YOU! YES YOU!

Yes, you’ve read that right: Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion want to make a comedy that will be produced by the fans, for the fans! Yes, that means you! And since they don’t want anyone to cancel the show, they’re asking for OUR support! I don’t know about you, but I’m already sold. Anyways, I’ll […]

Oh Internet, How I Love Thee! [Comic]

This comic is part of Stephen Byrne’s awesome new web comic, Steve Loves Internet. There’s already a few comic strips from the series over at Stephen’s website, so I invite you all to go and check ’em all out! [Source: Steve Loves Internet]

Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’, Trailer #2 [Video]

Looks like Inside Out is going to be the next big hit from Pixar, and somehow each trailer they release looks better than the last. [Image via TeaserTrailer, clip via MovieClipsTRAILERS]

Goat Cosplays as Elsa and Anna from Frozen [Videos]

Youtuber Lil’Critterz dressed a up goat (Peppa Lass from Tennessee) as Elsa (above) and Anna (below) from frozen, and while the whole concept can seem to be completely ridiculous, I find that “Elsa” goat totally works in my mind. [Lil’Critterz]

What Obi-Wan’s Ghost ACTUALLY Should Have Done [Video]

He’ll be even more annoying than you can possibly imagine! [Dorkly]

Smash Bros Claps WITH REALISTIC AUDIO [Video]

When you lose in Smash Bros, you get an animation of the loser clapping his hands for the winner, but in the game, that clapping is silent. Youtuber GrumpOut changed all that and added realistic audio on top of the animations. Some of them might be a little boring, but here and there, you get […]

Your Brain During Meetings [Comic]

[Source: Ink on the Side | Like “Ink on the Side” on Facebook | Follow “Ink on the Side” on Twitter]

Top 10 Worst Practical Special Effects in Movies

All us old-schoolers may say CG has ruined movies, but we forget that there were some AWFUL effects before CG, too. Some so bad, you watched them and couldn’t help but laugh. They may sometimes get a high B for effort, but the end result is still an F for fail. WatchMojo put together this […]