“I Got This” Explains Your Favorite TV Shows to the Annoying Person in Your Life


Let George R.R. Martin help get the annoying person in your life up to speed on all your favorite shows without having to lift a finger. [Team Coco]

Do You Truly Love Science? [Comic]


Well said, Cyanide & Hapiness! [Source: Cyanide & Hapiness | Via Neatorama]

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cribs [Video]


Lay down by the pool and have a drink with TK-429, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, and a few of their friends. Oh, and be sure to keep on watching till the end, the best part is at the end of the video. [ScottDW]

Action Movies: Expectations vs. Reality


What action movies show us vs. what would REALLY happen in those action scenarios! [nigahiga]

#GodzillaProblems – When Godzilla Ruins EVERYTHING [Video]


First our water supply ran out and now we can’t find any free Wi-Fi. It’s official: Godzilla. Ruined. EVERYTHING! [NachoPunch]

If Michael Bay Did The Birds & The Bees [Video]


Girls, cars, explosions, and bees. The only thing missing from this video now is the world’s greatest superhero: DR. BEES. [mashed]

Epic Rap Battles of History: GOKU vs. SUPERMAN [Video]


Warning: Language. The ultimate rap battle: Goku against Superman. Who will win? Previously on [GAS]: DEATH BATTLE: Goku vs. Superman [VIDEO] [ERP]

8-Bit Game ‘Glorious Leader!’ Tells Heroic, Awesome Life of Kim Jong Un [VIDEO]

glorious leader

Ever wish a video game had the same awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping heroism of Kim Jong Un?? Well, wish no more! Atlanta, Georgia-based Moneyhorse Games has created Glorious Leader!, an (accurate) retro-style video game about the life of Kim Jong Un. According to Moneyhorse Games: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea commands you to know that the capitalistic […]

The Dangers of Binge-Watching TV Series


Binge-watching whole TV series at a time is a very dangerous practice, you should all already be aware of that, right? [CH]

Mad Men + X-Men = Mad X-Men [Parody]


To save the world Professor X, Mystique, Magneto, & Wolverine travel back in time to prevent the worst kind of destruction, self-destruction. They must stop Don Draper from completely imploding, and taking down all of humanity with him. In the second parody installment from Quizno’s Toasty.TV, Don Draper takes on the X-Men for a battle […]

Funny Animated Short: Misadventure in Time [Video]


Going back in time to visit yourself is NOT a good idea. [LeeDanielsART | Via]

Funny Tee: The Legend of HODOR


HODOR HODOR, HODOR… HODOR! [T-Shirt Available in many styles and sizes over at the Neatoshop – $19.95]