Chroma Crisis: A Live Action Splatoon Fight [Video]

Watch as two teams of painters fight for their turf, splatoon style! [AndrewMFilms]

May February The 14th Be with You With These Star Wars Plushy Bouquet

If your significant other is a massive Star Wars geeks, why not offering them a Star Wars Plushy Bouquet instead of one made of roses this Valentine‚Äôs day? You won’t have to worry about your bouquet recipient wheezing like your favorite Sith Lord with this Darth Vader Star Wars Bouquet. Lord Vader stands tall, surrounded […]

The Force is Strong With My Dishes…..

Is it just me, or do my recently washed dishes in this photo look suspiciously like a TIE fighter? Did the Force just awaken in my house? You know I am a true geek when I stopped what I was doing at 2 a.m to take a pic of this to share with the world. […]

Types of Motivations [Comic]

A Comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics taking a look at the various kinds of motivations that can drive us to finish a task. [Source: INCIDENTAL COMICS]

Fitbit [Comic]

Seriously, I bought the Fitbit HR to my wife for Christmas, and it’s a fantastic device. [Source: Uber Tool Comics | Like “Uber Tool Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Uber Tool Comics” on Twitter]

You Go to The Purgatory: You Have 1 Minute to Ask Any Questions You Can Think Of

Cody is dead, and he has exactly one minute to ask any questions that go through his mind, and get the answer for them. [Chris and Jack]

Procrastination [Comic]

[Source: The Awkward Yeti | Like The Awkward Yeti on Facebook]

Elder Wars: Two Magic-Using Geezers Settle Their Differences With a Fight! [Video]

[AndrewMFilms] geezers battling to the death!

BOOM Raider: A Humorous Tomb Raider Short Film [Video]

A fantastic short movie in the “Tomb Raider” universe by our pals over at Fury Fingers, featuring the lovely Shiveeejam, whom we featured in the past for her awesome Deadpool cosplay. Down to her last arrow, Lara finds a path through enemy soldiers via an explosive barrel. But getting the right angle and shot can […]

I Will Finish What You Started [Comic]

[Source: Down the Upward Spiral | Like “Down the Upward Spiral” on Facebook]

Teenagers and Dad Jokes [Comic]

[Source: Cheer Up, Emo Kid | Like “Cheer Up, Emo Kid” on Facebook | Follow “Cheer Up, Emo Kid” on Twitter]

TERRIBLE IDEA: Vat19 Dude Bathes in 500 Pounds of Liquid Glass Putty [Video]

This is a really, really bad idea. From Vat19: We filled up a bathtub with 500 pounds of crystal clear putty. And then we got in it. Enjoy! [Liquid Glass Putty on]