How to make a small house look larger

Located in Tokyo and designed by Japanese designer Yasuhiro Yamashita, the Penguin house uses the manipulation of light and space to make itself look much larger than it actually is in reality. I wish occidental designers were as innovative as Mr. Yamashita, especially with the current skyrocketing price of real estate in North America.

Hannaford Data Breach is Likely Much Worse Than Reported

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Hannaford Brothers Supermarkets, a large New England grocery store chain, reported that they suffered a data breach.  The store’s network was penetrated and hackers were listening in during credit card authorizations.  Already, there are 1,800 confirmed cases of fraud associated with the breach.  At risk are 4.2 Million additional credit […]

LifeGem: From Cremation to Diamond

It’s a fact: Nobody likes to think of death. Whether we’re talking about ourselves, our loved ones or our favorite pet, most people prefer to avoid talking about the subject. And when death comes knocking upon our door, decisions have to be taken. How do you want your body to end up? Eaten away by […]