DEAL: Save Big on F**K, YEET, and NOPE Dice Sets (Or Single D20s!)

I’ve posted about Mars Dice’s amazing RPG dice a few times in the past on Geeks are Sexy, and each time, they were a HUGE hit. Now, for Cyber Monday, the F**K, YEET, and NOPE dice are on sale! I have a few sets at home, and they are all amazing.

The perfect 25mm metal D20 for slaying princess, saving dragons, and trying desperately to seduce your way out of trouble! Prevent table flipping and provide much needed levity after rolling your third critical failure in a row.*

*Tables may still be flipped. Side effects may also include uncontrollable laughter, screaming, in-game death, GM frustration, GM retaliation, Zone of Truth, & social stigma.

For those interested, the sale is right here. The promo code is embeded in the link, so you son’t have to apply it yourself when ordering. Also, the final price will only show during the checkout process.

[MARS DICE’s F**K, YEET, and NOPE Dice]

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