PAY WHAT YOU WANT For this AMAZING Dungeons and Dragons Book Bundle (And Support Charity!)

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons novels, and more specifically, those by celebrated author R.A. Salvatore? If you do, the latest Humble Bundle is for you! Pay what you want for some of the best epic fantasy books you’ll ever read! I’ve read most of the Forgotten Realms novels, and among those (I have over […]

Want a Xbox Series X or Series S? Pre-Orders are Up Right Now! (Pre-Order Links to US, Canada, and UK)

Like most, you’ve probably missed your chance to pre-order the Playstation 5, but we’re not getting caught by the surprise this time. If you want the upcoming Xbox Series X ($499) or Series S ($299), you can now pre-order both at the links below! Hurry up, though, just like the PS5, availability might be limited! […]

Razer’s Respawn: A Gum and Drink Designed to Improve Gamers’ Focus

Last year, Razer released its Respawn drink, a beverage designed to help gamers improve their focus, and now, in partnership with Wrigley, the company has just unveiled the Respawn By 5 gaming gum, because why not? The new gum is infused with B vitamins and green tea extract, which are both supposed to help improve […]

When Stranger Things Comics and Dungeons & Dragons Collide

It looks like next November will continue to bring us a few delights even if 2020 seems to be nothing but crisis after crisis.  As an industry, comic books have been trying to stay the course this year and remain adamant in making sure that our reading habits stay intact. We shall not be denied […]

DOOM Running on a Digital Pregnancy Test

Yes geeks, that right: Twitter user Foone got DOOM running on a digital pregnancy test. Behold: I tried zooming in and turning up the in-game gamma a bit, so you can see what's going on slightly better.(It's a 128×32 pixel monochrome display, it's never gonna be great) — foone (@Foone) September 7, 2020 And […]