When DRM Goes Bad, on a Great Game

By Fred Roth Contributing writer, [GAS]  So by now, most of us have either wasted significant amounts of moisture drooling over reviews, screenshots and the recently released demo of Bioshock. Some may even have already purchased it. However, I’m sure most of you are unaware of the DRM constraints of the game. AT Bioshock’s release, 2K Games […]

Halo 3 Combat: Part I (Video)

Here is the first part of a short film that was produced by Neill Blomkamp and Weta in order to promote Halo 3 to movie studios. If the Halo movie looks anything like this when it comes out, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success. I know it certainly got my blood running fast! Enjoy!

Greatest gaming gadget ever: The Air Motion Seat

Racing game lovers looking to ‘pimp up’ virtual driving experiences might consider the ‘Air Motion’ seat demoed in the following video. For some, it could bring your world of racing fiction further into reality. Festo uses Fluidic Muscles and mechatronic systems to give users a true sensation of either driving or flying, depending on the […]

A VoIP-enabled Gamer’s understanding of networking.

by Brian Boyko Contributor, [GAS] Over at the other site I edit, Network Performance Daily, I’ve got an editorial up about VoIP and gaming, prompted by integration of VoIP into World of Warcraft. Normally NPD writes for a more technical audience but I thought it might be a good idea to give a basic rundown […]


This promises to be the best movie ever! It has everything a good movie should have: Drama, suspense and action. Enjoy the show!

“Driving under the influence of awesome…”

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] I don’t know if there is anything else to say except that the title above is exactly my sentiment. Frankie *title credit goes to Frankie, btw* over at Bungie.net posted an article showing a picture of a full-scale working (well, except for the machine gun…regrettably) Halo Warthog assault vehicle, […]

World of Warcraft hits 9M players

Blizzard entertainment announced yesterday that the user-base of World of Warcraft (WoW) just reached 9 million players, one million more than they had at the start of this year.  If the fantasy world of Azeroth were an actual country, it would be the 90th most populous country on earth, right in front of Somalia, Austria […]

Wii Fit?

SarcasticGamer.com presents a satirical look at Wii Fit, one of Nintendo’s “Big” announcements at the E3 Media and Business Summit. Wii Fit was billed as a fitness breakthrough in the world of computer gaming. What? Fitness breakthrough? How ridiculous! It just looks like standing around to us.

You know you’re a hardcore gamer when…

… when you wear one of those things when going for a walk:

Is video game addiction a plausible psychiatric disorder?

Will video game addiction soon become a part of the official psychiatric diseases list? That certainly seems to be the wish of a team of medical experts presenting their video games addiction study two days ago at the American Medical Association congress. This report responds to Resolution 421, adopted at the 2006 Annual Meeting, which […]

Easily solve “spot the difference” pictures within seconds

Remember those ‘Spot the difference pictures’ puzzle games when you were a kid?  Remember how long it took you to find them all?  I had troubles – enough so that I was the last person to finish them and go out and play kickball!  No longer, I say! Introducing a sure-fire way to find all the differences in […]

Halo Zune coming June 15th

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] In parallel with the upcoming release of Halo 3, Microsoft is releasing a special edition Zune, replete with Halo-themed “circuitry” graphics and loads of game related content preloaded on the device. Music: Halo Original Soundtrack – Complete Album Halo 2 Original Soundtrack, Volume 1 – All tracks by Marty […]