Yoshi Hates Mario [Video]

Mario’s been a hero for a long time. He’s been a jerk even longer. [Via]

How To Make a D&D Cake from Scratch

Birthday time is serious business around these parts. Part of it probably has to do with my love of hobbits, and their rather extravagant interpretation of birthdays. You know, the sort where the guests get the presents, and entire trilogies are begun. At any rate, my husband turned 29 this weekend, and I wanted to […]

Microsoft Kinects with Mainstream TV

In case you were under any illusion about whether the Xbox 360 Kinect motion control system was being aimed at a mainstream, casual gaming, dare-I-say-Wii audience, Microsoft has scored what many US publicity seekers consider the jackpot: an appearance on Oprah. It’s also unveiled the 17 games that will appear at or imminently after launch: […]

First Ten Minutes Of Fallout: New Vegas [Video]

In the following video, the folks from Gameblurb present the first few minutes of how the story of Fallout: New Vegas unfolds. This time, you’re not a vault dweller who escapes the underground, but a courier left for dead. Check it out:

Epic World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse

I expect that quite a few of you WOW geeks out there will start weeping at the sight of this. Behold: For the upcoming launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Steelseries has designed a special WOW-Branded MMO gaming mouse that, according to the company, will “meet and exceed the requirements of even the most demanding […]

Angry Birds for Android – Free Download

Android-based phone owners, rejoice! Rovio has just released their famous Angry Birds game on the mobile platform… and the best thing about it is that they did it for free! Birds! Slingshots! Destruction! Feathers! Fun! Protect the Angry Birds and dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole their eggs. Each of the 150 […]

Chess Computers Reach the Next Level

13 years on from Deep Blue beating Gary Kasparov, the idea of a computer beating a champion human at chess doesn’t seem that outlandish. But now a computer has beaten a leading player at shogi, more colloquially known as Japanese chess. Why’s that so impressive? Well, the general concept of the game is similar to […]

LEGO + Wii = Love

The formula really is that simple. This Wiimote comes with 37 interchangeable parts, and it’s a pretty sweet little device. Sadly you can’t disassemble the entire thing (I know how you geeks think)–but I think it can still be a testament to the synthesis of two iconic geeky things that certainly defined our childhoods (and […]

Angry Birds: Angry Tweets

The company behind Angry Birds has reacted with, if not anger, at least mild irritation to Microsoft allegedly using the game’s logo without permission. The dispute was prompted by the official launch site for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 series, which gets its official unveiling today. In the section detailing the various features available on […]