Make way for the senior citizen Nintendo boxing champion

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] There are lots of stories of how Nintendo Wii’s are good for your health, including how they are being used in hospitals and nursing homes to help patients improve their reflexes, muscles and co-ordination. In the past, physiotherapy used to be all about walking, exercising, muscle stretching and so on.  […]

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Launch Trailer

Folks, get ready for the upcoming September 16th release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with this exciting new launch trailer from LucasArts.

Most Expected Games of E3 2008

In the following video, the folks from GT list 10 games that they think will make heads turn at E3 2008. There’s really some interesting stuff in there, so if you’re into games (or are just curious about them), take a few minutes to check it out!

How to beat nine chess geniuses simultaneously

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] One of my interests (some would say obsessions) is chess.   I have a chess board constantly set up on the table behind the computer, and whenever someone comes to visit, I challenge them to a game of chess.   Which probably explains why when we invite people round, they have […]

PS3 Firmware 2.4: DON’T UPDATE!

Just a quick post to warn Playstation 3 owners to wait a bit before updating their console to the latest firmware. It seems that quite a few users on the official Playstation forum are reporting that the new 2.4 firmware bricked their unit. On some cases, people are writing that the SIXAXIS controller refused to […]

Diablo 3 (Trailer + Gameplay)

Yes folks, it’s official. After waiting years for the long expected title to be announced, Diablo fans now have a good reason to start frothing at the mouth. Enjoy!

Were Ancient Romans D&D gamers?

I have absolutely no idea what a 2nd century roman citizen would have done with a D20 Dice, but it seems they were being used WAYYYYY before people started playing Dungeons & Dragons in the 70’s. Unfortunately, researchers have not yet established the game for which these dice were used, but I really doubt people […]

New Warcraft Add-on Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing WOW

The folks at Blizzard have been hard at work for the last few months on a new WOW expansion pack named “World of World of Warcraft.” The add-on will allow you to play a character that is himself playing the game, bringing a whole new level of realism to the WOW experience.

Mortal Kombat: Finish Him Revisited

Mortal Kombat’s “Finish Him” moves are among the most gruesome and gory scenes in the history of video games. I mean, have you ever seen Sub Zero rip the head (along with the spine) of his opponents? That’s pretty darn disgusting! Now if you think that gratuitous dismemberments is one of the worse thing you […]

Grand Theft Auto: The Board Game (Video)

If you think that there’s nothing more boring than spending an evening playing Monopoly, try to put your hands on the new GTA board game. It certainly looks anything but boring! Enjoy!

New Acer “Predator” desktop looks transformer-like

Faster. Deeper. Harder. Further At least that’s what Acer wants us to beleive when it comes to their brand new gaming rig, the Aspire G7700 Predator. Apart from looking like something right out of a transformers movie, this beast features an overclocking quad-core, Core 2 Extreme processor, up to 8GB of RAM and three… that’s […]

Giant Multi-Touch Missile Command

If you think you’ve seen the best of what multi-touch technologies can offer, wait till you see these guys playing a giant version of missile command on a multi-touch wall. Looks like great fun, doesn’t it?