Vuvuzela Hero: Bringing pain to your eardrums since 2010

Vuvuzela Hero: A cross between Guitar Hero and the World’s most annoying “musical instrument.” Let’s just hope Activision never gets the brilliant idea of releasing something like this to the public. [Via Gizmodo]

The Problem With Mario’s Warp Whistle

Bowser’s not mad after Mario, he’s just disappointed.

Twillight Eclipse: The 8-Bit Movie / Game

Twillight Eclipse opens on the big screen today, but if you want to save yourself a few hours of time and the price of a movie ticket, check out this interactive 8-bit style version instead. [Via Kotaku]

Street Fighter Cats + Epic Team Fortress II Mod: Laser Cat

This one is for all you cat-loving geeks and gamers out there. The first video takes something we’ve all seen, a fight between two cats, and adds the music from Street Fighter on top. Be on the lookout for Guile’s signature move! The second video shows a TF II mod which includes Laser cat as […]

Monkey Pirate Robot Ninja Zombie [Most Badass Headline Ever]

We’re pretty sure most of you have played rock paper scissors at least once in your lives, and maybe a few have even tried rock paper scissors lizard spock, but what about monkey pirate robot ninja zombie? Here’s how the game goes: Monkey * Monkey fools Ninja * Monkey unplugs Robot Suggested noise: ee-ee-eek! Robot […]

Life After the Beta: Waiting For StarCraft 2

I was excited to see the first commercial released for StarCraft 2 since I had the luck to be included in the Beta testing phase that ended at the beginning of June. The Waiting Makes it Worse With such a long waiting period for a new release, there are always huge expectations. Take the Star […]

Five Things You Should Never Say to Your D&D Party

A few months ago I wrote a post about things you should never say to your DM during a D&D—or any RPG–campaign. And while the DM wields the most power, you can’t underestimate the importance of good group rapport. Over the last two years I’ve absolutely lucked out with a fantastic group of players. We […]

OMG: First Official StarCraft II TV Commercial

Oh. My. God. This is going to be awesome. Yeah, yeah, you don’t have to tell me. I know it’s a pre-rendered animation… but I don’t care! It’s going to be awesome anyways! Wait for it: July 27th, 2010.

13 Things Worth Knowing About Super Mario [Infographic]

In the history of video game characters, it could be argued that none are quite as iconic as Mario and his brother Luigi from the ubiquious Mario Bros. franchise. You would be hard pressed to find a single person under the age of forty who has never played at least one of the countless variations […]

Animation by Candles

Using tea candles for pixels, YouTube member brusspup lit and relit for two weeks to create this video game sequence. It’s all worth it if you enjoy watching it! [via the Presurfer]

Breaking Through The Fourth Wall in Dragon Age

For me, the appeal of video games has to do with escape and immersion. It isn’t just about gameplay. It’s about story, about investment, and about character. From the very beginning I’ve been drawn to video games that tell stories and introduce me to characters. And in the last 10 years video games have changed […]