The movie theater fights back

Fears that DVDs could spell the end of the movie theater may have proved premature. For the first time since 2002, US citizens spent more money at the box office last year than on DVDs. According to Adams Media Research, the total spent on tickets at US movie theaters was $9.87 billion in 2009, up […]

Pac-Man vs. Mario: Fight!

221b Game Brings AI Into the 21st Century

While many video games based on, or related to, films have a rather bad rep for being clunky, ugly, and often just plain boring, you might be surprised to find that the new web-based flash Sherlock Holmes game, 221b, has actually employed some pretty impressive programming in its design. Called “Chatbot” technology, this allows for […]

Kid Goes Bonkers Over New Xbox 360

As Christmas day has just passed, let us present you with our obligatory “kid going crazy over a new console” video of the year. And just in case you want more, you can always check last year’s videos, which in my opinion, were slightly more entertaining than this one! [Via Gizmodo]

Console modification not just for game piracy

It appears as if the field of  science and technology is the next great battleground for the games console war. Following creative uses for the Xbox 360 and PS3, two scientists have developed new ways to use the Wii’s controller. Hydrologist Willem Luxemburg and physicist Rolf Hut, both from the Dutch university Delft, showed off […]

Game sales figures tell many stories

Market researchers NPD have released their estimates for video game sales figures for November. For what’s theoretically a simple enough figure – $2.7 billion – there are plenty of lessons to be learned: Everything is a matter of perspective. If you’re feeling the blues, it’s a depressing 7.6% slump on last year’s November figures, suggesting […]

… has just been scammed in FarmVille!

Even for those of you who don’t play Zynga’s Facebook games, if you’re on the social networking site at all, you’ve definitely heard of them. Because you’ve probably seen a lot of updates like this: “Jane found a sad, lonely black kitten on their farm! Oh no!” or “John just conjured up a few too […]

The Art of Nolly Stanway: Awesome Mario Cross stitch

Not only is blue-haired (for now) UK based artist Nolly Stanway a total geek, but she’s also a master cross-stitcher, as shown by this absolutely amazing Mario cross-stitch piece she recently finished. The project spawned across 3 weeks and contains over 12000 stitches. Her site, where she features most of her work, is definitely worth […]

Gamer’s Mentality [Picture]

[Via Reddit]

Mortal Kombat Is Not A Tournament

It’s a good thing the NCAA isn’t run by Shang Tsung.