Top 10 NES Games [Video]

The folks from Watch Mojo compiled this top 10 list of their favorite oldschool NES games. What are YOUR top 10 NES games? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Daily Motion]


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  1. StarTropics. Nice gameplay and it became surprisingly difficult once you reached the Alien part. Metroid was rather a finger exercise compared to that. Also featured build in battery for saves.

  2. Disappointed not to see Crystalis on this list.. I persoanlly didnt care for any of the zeldas on the nes, it wasnt until the snes that they created a good zelda and metroid game..imo of course..

  3. Hard to disagree with that list. Basically all the classics. Wish I still had my NES and SNES =/
    though I’d add:
    Donkey Kong
    Ninja Gaiden
    Kirbys adventure
    ExciteBike (maybe cause I loved this on the commodore)
    Skate or Die
    Tecmo Bowl

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