Video Game Locations: Can you Guess Them All? [Video]

Can you guess them all? Answers after the break below!



Armadillo — Red Dead Redemption
Bullworth academy — Bully/Canem canis edit
City 17 — Half Life 2
Dunwall city — Dishonored
Empire bay– Mafia II
Facility — Goldeneye 007
Granary — Team Fortress 2
Hyrule — Zelda series
Illium — Mass Effect 2
Jerusalem — Assassin’s Creed
Kingdom of Zeal — Chrono trigger
Little Lamplight — Fallout 3
Mushroom castle — Mario series
New Eden Mall — Mirror’s Edge
Oakvale — Fable series
Panau — Just Cause 2
Qeynos — EverQuest II
Rapture — Bioshock series
Steelport — Saints Row the third
Tamriel — The Elder Scrolls series
USG Ishimura — Dead Space
Vice City — Grand Theft Auto series
Wake Island — Battlefield series
Xen — Half Life series
Yen Sid’s tower — Kingdom Hearts series
Zangarmarsh — World of Warcraft

[Tim Hijlkema]

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