The Strange History of ‘Terminator’ Games

The Terminator has a strange history when it comes to video games. Though a good portion of the movies have been decent, oddly enough, there haven’t been many Terminator games that have actually lived up to the awesome hype of the films that came before them. DenOfGeek put together a list about the matter: Terminator […]

Can’t Wait To Play Fallout 4 – A “Can’t Fight This Feeling” Parody [Video]

I don’t know about you, but this music video by Bonecage resumes quite well how I feel about Fallout 4 right now. [Bonecage]

Montreal Comic Con 2015 in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was at Montreal Comiccon 2015 last Saturday and took *A LOT* of photos of cosplayers attending the event. Since I had so many pictures, I divided the article in two parts, so here is the second batch of photos for you guys! As always, if you recognize yourself in […]

Disney Princesses as League of Legends characters [Pics]

Artist Elasar Reem has mashed Disney princesses with the characters from League of Legends tp create a series of fantastic illustrations that pay homage to both worlds. [Elasar Reem]

Montreal Comiccon 2015 in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]

Usually, Montreal Comiccon happens on the second week of September, but this year, they moved the convention to the first week of July! As I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on location to cover the event for you guys where I took hundreds of pictures of all the awesome cosplayers on the con floor! […]

Fun 8-Bit Covers of Popular Geek Culture Theme Songs [Videos]

Youtube channel “8 Bit Universe” creates fun 8-bit versions of pop culture songs, including many that relates to movies and video games. Here are some of our favorites: The “Ghostbusters” Theme Legend Of Zelda Theme (8 Bit Dubstep Remix Cover Version) Star Wars Imperial March Theme Super Mario Bros Theme Song Breaking Bad Theme Song […]

Ratchet & Clank – The Game Based on the Movie Based on the Game Trailer

I will just go out on a limb here and say the new Ratchet and Clank game, called ‘Ratchet and Clank, the Game based on the movie based on the game, is about as close to Pixar quality as gaming has gotten yet. And just the idea that this is a game based off a […]

The Top 5 Most ‘MURICA Video Games!

Are you patriotic enough to watch the whole video? :) [Dorkly on Youtube]

Nostalgia Moment: Ending To Original ‘Fallout’

With so much hype being directed towards Fallout 4, and with a little while to wait until we can play it, I thought: why not share the original ending to the original Fallout with the ‘GAS’ (GeeksAreSexy) readers? Many of them may not have experienced it if they are new-schoolers, and even for the people […]

This Is What Happens To People Who Troll The Game ‘ARK’

So rumor is there was a rather infamous troll ruining the game ARK for many people and just being an overall scumbag. Doing scumbaggy, troll stuff to make the game less fun for everyone. It got to the point when other players were banding together to find this player and hold him accountable. And the above […]

Honest Game Trailer: WATCH DOGS [Video]

The freedom of just cause. The humor of Grand Theft Auto. And the fun of Saints Row… are not in this game. But, you DO have a phone! [Screen Junkies]

Awesome Mashup Cake: If Tim Burton Designed Mario [Pics]

Check out this amazing wedding cake by the Little Cherry Cake Company mashing up the world of Super Mario and The Nightmare Before Christmas. So this amazing bride and groom loved both Nightmare Before Christmas and Mario and didnt know which to choose. Why choose when you can have both!?! I love it when a […]