Top Ten “High Score” Based Video Games

Back in the day when we nerds and geeks would game, it wasn’t about beating or finishing a game. It used to be about who could have (and keep) the highest score on the machine. These three digit names you could put in would stand as a testimony to how good you were at that […]

‘The Shining’ Atari Style Video Game

When it comes to movie licenses, the last movie you thought would ever get a game would be The Shining, yet here we are, linking to a the Shining game. Although I am using the word game quite loosely here. It is more an interpretation of ‘The Shining’ as told through two-bit graphics. Still. if you are […]

New ‘Arkham Knight’ Gameplay Footage Shows New Playable Characters

So the new Arkham Knight footage and trailer show that we will not only be playing at Batman, but some of Gotham City’s finest OTHER heroes as well. This only makes the impending Gotham Knight character’s real identity even more compelling, because some of the characters you can also play as seem like they were […]

LOOTERS: An Elder Scrolls Fan Film [Video]

An action packed tale of adventure and greed based in the Elder Scrolls universe. Enjoy! [Fury Fingers]

Honest Game Trailer: Mario Party 10 [Video]

From the company that spent more time raising you than your parents ever did, comes the same friendship-ruining action from Smash Bros. without all the fun game play to distract you from your hate! [Smosh Games]

All The Video Game Easter Eggs That Reference ‘Indiana Jones’

Indiana Jones is an awesome pop culture icon, so it makes sense nods and references to him would make it into many games. Here are some of the best examples. May want to wear your fedora to watch this. Makes it feel more authentic. Via FunWithGuru

[as] [you] [wish] [the] [force] [be] [with] [you]: Geeky Magnetic Word Sets

RefrigeratorProse specializes in those fun magnetic word sets, but with a geeky bent. From The Princess Bride to Star Wars to Sherlock to Game of Thrones to LOTR (seriously, the list just goes on and on and on…) each set comes with over 425 words! [Source: Etsy]

Top 10 Video Game Psychos

Psychos are everywhere, and they can make life quite daunting. But in video games, psychos are awesome because you often either get to be one (which none of us ever get to be in real life) or you get to face one and bring them down as your nemesis. Either way, psycho killing can be […]

Top 8 Free Games for 2015

While it may be a little early to announce what the top free games are for the year halfway through the year, these are still some really solid free games you can play any time, without having to plunk down cash (initially). Not a big fan of free games, but for those who are, this […]

The Mortal Kombat Theme Song Done A Capella! [Video]

In honor of Mortal Kombat X, the guys from The Warp Zone sing the classic MK theme song a cappella! MORTAL KOMBAT! [The Warp Zone]

Telltale and Marvel Teaming Up for New Game

Telltale games, the makers of such awesome licensed games as Walking Dead and Game of Thrones has just announced their newest team up for their next game. While we know nothing about the actual game or who will  be in it, we know one thing: they will be working with Marvel comics. If you have […]

‘Mad Max’ Gameplay Trailer

The new Mad Max movie looks like it might be one of the best action films ever made. For a while now, people have wondered how the new game would stack up. While it may not look as insane as the new film, it looks wholly badass and it’s about damn time we got to […]