How to Treat Priceless Heirlooms in RPGs [Comic]

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10 Avengers That NEED Their Own Games

Although the entire team of the Avengers is fantastic, wouldn’t it be nice to see some of those key members get their own games? Like, imagine kicking butt and infiltrating spy rings as Black Widow? Or getting a chance to go all stealth with Hawkeye? They might not be the first choices, but it doesn’t […]

Natural Landscapes in Unreal Engine 4 Look Unbelievably Real! [Videos]

Check out these amazing videos from Youtuber koooolalala who used Unreal Engine 4 to create landscapes that look surprisingly real. A look at some of the natural landscapes made by YouTuber koooolalala using Unreal Engine 4. At this point Memorex should just let Epic Games use their slogan. Check out kooolalala’s YouTube and Flickr pages […]

30 More Hours With Fallout 3, Which Is Still Damn Good

While we all wait eagerly for Fallout 4, it’s easy to forget that Fallout 3 is such an expansive game with so much to see, one play through will never do the whole game justice. From Kotaku: I’ve been pretty surprised coming back to Fallout 3 in part because I thought I’d done everything but […]

Man Builds Life-Size TF2 Tomislav Gun Entirely From LEGO [Video]

Weighing in at over 10 pounds, and 3 feet long, we bring the Heavy’s Tomislav to life entirely from LEGO bricks! Complete with its over-sized drum magazine, and custom wooden furniture, here is the gun’s real life, and oh so heavy, replica! [ZaziNombies LEGO Creations]

How Women in Video Games Would Look Like with Average Body Shapes [Picture Gallery] photoshopped various female characters featured in video games and gave them more realistic (for the average population in the U.S.) body shapes. With realism in mind, we altered some of the most beloved female video game characters with Adobe Photoshop, shaping their bodies into images that represent the average American woman’s measurements. This is […]

Man Makes Video Game To Cope With Son’s Terminal Cancer

To have a child who is terminally ill is something you would wish on no person. But sadly, it does happen and is something some people have to live through. One man took the news and decided to do something proactive with it to help him deal and potentially help others down the road in […]

7 Most WTF Bosses in Videogames

There are video game bosses you fight that look and feel like a video game boss should. But every now and then, you get a truly WTF boss battle thrown at you and you never quite forget it. Cliche’s bosses come and go, but the really twisted ones are the battles you never forget. And […]

This Is How The Batman Died…(No Spoilers)

View post on It was a rainy night in Gotham city when the Batman finally died. Many of the city’s residents were shocked and saddened by the news, but it is said Batman’s rogues gallery is pretty stoked right now. And they didn’t even have to do anything. Poor sucker did it to himself. […]

The 5 Most Kojima Moments From ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’

We all know Kojima is gone from Konami, and it saddens us all deeply. But in his most recent game, he made some key moments that make it very clear to his fan base that Kojima was involved. You know, he has an odd and quirky sense of humor that made it into every game, […]

New “Fallout Anthology” Features All Previous Games + Mini-Nuke Storage Case

After offering a limited edition version of Fallout 4 featuring a Pip-Boy replica, Bethesda is back with its “Fallout Anthology,” a box set that features all previously released Fallout game on PC along with a mini-nuke storage case. The case even has a space reserved for your new copy of Fallout 4 and comes complete […]

Little Fact in ‘Destiny’ Most People Missed

Here’s the thing about the game Destiny. Some love it, some say it fell flat. The beautiful things about games is that they are varied and some love them and some hate them. One Imgur user  began playing Destiny yesterday and noticed something that many of us managed to miss. Not saying it ruins the […]