Boba Fett Hunts Down Your Favorite Videogame Characters [Video]


Watch as intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett hunts down some of your favorite videogame characters! [NicksplosionFX]

How A Tweet Turned Into One of the Best Multiplayer Game in Years


The name of the game is #IDARB, and you either know how this magical game was born into this world or you don’t. Though upon first glance, it may look like just another fun, frantic indie game, there is much more going on here. This game was created like a Mad-Lib, with many creators and […]

8 Ways to Go to Hell According to Videogames


Warning: Language. Hell may not seem a very inviting place (for those who believe in it), but the idea of getting to fight your way out of it is nothing new to gamers. Here are 8 ways you can go to hell in gaming (and murder your way out of it, which oddly, seems like […]

Welcome to WesterosCraft: A Minecraft Adaptation of the Continent of Westeros [Pics + Video]

WesterosCraft is an amazing virtual world/Minecraft server where thousands of fans are re-creating the continent of Westeros block by block. From the Wikia Page: At present, we have completed about 60% of Westeros and it had taken us about two years to get here. Our pace increases with our swelling number of builders and more […]

4 Game Remakes Well Worth Your Time in 2015


Besides the impending robopocalypse, 2015 looks like it is gonna be a pretty great year for us geeks. Want some solid proof of that? Check out there 4 game remakes you will NEED to play in the impending year. Yes, that is finally a PS4 remake of Final Fantasy 7, so all you Cloud Strife […]

Chess Program Coded In 487 Bytes


A new chess program takes up just 487 bytes. It appears to beat a record set on the ZX81 more than three decades ago. BootChess can run on Windows, OS X or Linux systems. It’s a text only game, using a grid with letters to denote pieces and periods to denote empty squares. It appears […]

The Zen of Being A ‘Tetris’ Master


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Tetris master? I’m not talking getting a couple hundred lines. I an talking about being a zen master at the overall game of Tetris. For the first time, we have a glimpse into the life of a man who has spent his passion […]

Top 10 Cancelled Video Games

prety 2

Prey 2. All I need to say is Prey 2. As an avid gamer, I will always drool at the Blade Runner aesthetic and potential of what that game that could have possibly been. That is just one of the many heart-breaks mentioned on this list of cancelled video games (most of which we wish weren’t […]

Mario Lives: An A.I. Mario Plays Itself In ‘Super Mario World’ Like a Person Would


Just read the above title a few times and try to process it. If you brain cannot wrap around the concept, maybe this will help. German researchers have developed an AI that allows Mario to experience emotions and act autonomously in response to them. The AI also understands voice instructions and questions. It’s sophisticated enough […]

Video Games Gone Missing: Where are They Now?


For a gamer, few things suck more than when an awesome video game gets announced, they show you some killer footage, and then the game just vanishes into obscurity. You never hear another word or see another shot and you find yourself wondering what happened to that ONE game you were drooling over. Last Guardian, […]

Top 10 Most Wanted Video Game HD Remakes


Graphics aren’t everything, but sometimes those classic old games just need a new coat of paint. [Watch Mojo]

These Female Link Cosplay Photos are Nothing Short of Spectacular! [Pics]


Sure, there are plenty of ladies cosplaying as Link on the Internet, but Talia Mira‘s version has to be among the best ones I’ve seen. Plus, the amazing talent of Australian photographer Beethy and the enchanting setting where these photos were taken make the whole photo set absolutely perfect. [Model and Costume: Talia Mira Cosplay […]