Megaman Has ALL THE POWERS! [Video]

Warning: language. Megaman gains the powers of everyone he defeats. Oh no, he found his way into other games. [ADHD]

“Cards Against Humanity” is The Most Amazing Company EVER.

Just look at this and at how awesome the people behind Cards Against Humanity are. Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? Cards against humanity is really fun, and if you can’t afford a deck, you can print yours for free. Maybe we should call them “Cards for humanity” instead. [Source: […]

DOOM Reboot – 10 Things YOU MUST KNOW!

Doom is coming, and it will be blood soaked mayhem. Here are 10 things about this stellar reboot you MUST KNOW THIS INSTANT! [DOOM | Gamescross]

What if You Were Shoryukened? [Science Video]

From VSauce 3: In my quest to apply video game violence to real life I went after the age old question of what would actually happen to a person if they were hit by Ken’s Shoryuken from Street Fighter? It turns out… it wouldn’t be good. [Vsauce3]

100 Ways To Die In Fallout 4

Because the commonwealth is just not a safe place. Just trust me, I live there in real life. It’s not far off from Fallout’s version. [Hunter Normandy]

The Lightsaber: 10 Things You Didn’t Know!

We all know the lightsaber is the greatest fictional weapon of all time. But unless you study all the games and books and EU of Star Wars, you know less than you think about these stellar blades of pure light. Now, thanks to VariantComics, you know even more.

Destiny Fan Wins Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Custom-Made Titan Armor [Video]

Wow. Just wow. This one-of-a-kind Titan armor was specially made for one very lucky fan of Destiny: The Taken King by the folks from Super-Gamer Builds. Building this thing took an entire team 5 weeks of work! [AWE me]

Metal Gear Developer Quits; Strikes Sony Deal

Konami has confirmed that Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear series, is to leave the company. He’ll be starting an independent studio and will work with Sony on a “new franchise.” It’s been an open secret that Kojima was on the way out since reports surfaced of a leaving party in October, but […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Revealed

The Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS4 has us JRPG fanboys drooling with delight. But we also fear what changes may be made. One of those changes has clearly been to the combat system from that game. Gone are the turn based battles replaced with what looks to be real time combat more akin […]

WANT: A-Maze-Ball Maze Game

The A-Maze-Ball is just like a regular maze game, but inside a ball! You’ve got to rotate the A-Maze-Ball Maze Game in 3D to get our old friend gravity to pull the ball bearing around corners and along walls to get from end to end. And just like the three bears gave Goldilocks, we’re giving […]

Mario vs. Minecraft [Video]

Who’s the biggest star, Mario or Minecraft Steve? [Dorkly]

10 Things Destiny Players HATE

Destiny is a very polarizing game. People seem to either love it or hate it. For those who hate it, these ten reasons seem to factor into that conclusion. (Gameranx)