7 Things You Need to Know About Hitman (2015)

With the new Hitman game just around the corner, I’m sure there are a bunch of you who are curious what will be different in this version, what will be the same, and what are some things you should know. This video has you covered. In a costume. So you can kill someone. In case […]

Hidden Hideo: Look Who Is Hiding in ‘The Phantom Pain’

Oh, Hideo. We love you so. Here’s a video to help you find him if you wish to do so: (Imgur)

Top 10 Creepy Mad Max Glitches

Mad Max is supposed to be a pretty awesome game that makes you feel like you are part of wasteland, scourging for survival. BUT, no game is without its glitches nowadays, and Mad Max is no exception. Question: who knew Max was so damn good at cartwheels? [Gameranx]

‘Disney Infinity’ Just Won Life

Best reference of all time. Even Disney knows how much Jar Jar sucked. [Disney Infinity 3.0 | (Imgur)]

‘Mad Max’ Game Review

So the Mad Max game is officially ready to carve a path of destruction on your new console. Question, is it worth it or just another bad licensed game? Check out the review and see for yourself. Via IGN

The Toughest Decision Yet in “Life Is Strange”

Life Is Strange is amassing quite a following right now with some very compelling decisions and an episodic delivery that has people on the edge of their seats. But keep in mind, no question presented in the game is quite as damning as the question posed above. Could this be the toughest video game question […]

You Can K.O. Opponents With a Booger Toss in Street Fighter V [Video]

After being idle for a while, Birdie from Street Fighter V will toss a booger at his opponent, and the best thing about this is that the “projectile” will actually do a little bit of damage! [MDZ Ricky | Via NA]

What ‘Fallout 4’ Would Look Like If It Were Still 2D Isometric

Some guys who are working on a game called Stasis right now decided to show some love to Fallout 4 by making some shots of the game as if it would have been made as a 2D isometric title (think Diablo for example). The results are breathtaking. Is it too much that I want the […]

True Next-Gen: The “Until Dawn” Cast Was Captured Perfectly

Until Dawn is a fun PS4 game keeping players busy with its scares and hefty decisions, but do you realize that all the characters in the game are mo-capped from actual actor and actresses? And on top of that, they captured them all perfectly. Stands as a current testimony to how far games and graphics have […]

Fallout Shelter: Single Mom’s Edition

And now for this week’s insane Fallout: Shelter pic, we have, um, no words. Just no words for this. (Imgur)

Nintendo Logic [Pic]

It’s true: Splatoon is a post-apocalyptic shooter. [Splatoon | Via Memebase]