Life Lessons

Anyone who has played and beaten the radio controlled missions in the older GTA games can tell you. This meme is about as true as wisdom gets. Life lessons learned, via GTA. (imgur)

We All Know The Code….

The Konami code, that is. And apparently, so do street artists. (Dorkly)

Modular D&D Gaming Platforms

You may remember earlier this week we featured a 3D-printed Helter skelter-like slide for rolling game dice. The creators at Empirical Innovation are also working on another game product: modular components that snap together to make three-dimensional gaming grids for D&D and other RPGs. Check out the pictures and let Conrad know what you think […]

Mario Office Nursery FTW

Sometimes as a parent you need to share your space with one of your children. In this particular case, this Imgur user decided to pimp out the shared space with a Super Mario Bros. theme. Smart choice, sir. Not only will you look around and smile, but that kid looks pretty content, too. A win for all!

E-sports Comes To TBS

TBS has announced that it will broadcast video gaming competitions on Friday nights next year. The initial season will focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Rather than televise an existing e-sports league, TBS is starting its own league in partnership with WME/IMG, a sports and entertainment talent agency. TBS has already committed to two 10-week seasons next […]

Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series – Endurance

Yay, another Fallout special video, this time focusing on endurance! I kind of wish these were longer, as they are awesome enough to be their own show or collected short film. (BethesdaSoftworksUK)

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save BIG on True Blood, 5 Ports Charging Station, Rockstar Games and More!!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here a few awesome deal we stumbled on today! –True Blood: The Complete Series (DVD) – $249.99 $84.99 (66% Off) –True Blood: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray) – $299.99 $112.99 (62% Off) –50-70% Off Diamond & Gemstone Rings –Aukey 40W / 8A 5 Ports USB Desktop Charging Station […]

Awesome ‘Metroid’ Graffiti Found Under Bridge

You know that song “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hit Chili Peppers? This is like that (because it was found under a bridge in an undisclosed location). Some urban decay mixed with some classic Metroid. Very cool stuff. [Imgur]

Halo 5 Assault Rifle In Lego

This “life-size” replica of the assault rifle from Hal0 5: Guardians weights 5.5 pounds and is made up of 3,250 bricks. [Via: GameSpot]

‘Fallout 4’ Fever Is Here!

So where would Pip Boy eat? He would just wing it. GET IT! [Imgur]

‘Half-Life 3’ Easter Eggs Hidden in ‘Mad Max’

Just glad this Imgur user was keen enough to discover them. Poor Gordon. I guess that confirms no three, or does it confirm the “bad ending?”

Top 10 LAN Party Games

Much LAN. Such wow. Fun! WatchMojo