Chewbacca Would Be All Over This Porg Made from Sushi Rice

You’ve seen Chewie roast a porg in “The Last Jedi,” but the little critters were just too cute for the fury giant, so he never actually ate his meal. However, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind tasting this rice porg created by the folks over at Disney. [Disney Parks] Advertisements


HOW TO MAKE: The Simpsons’ Grilled Crayon Sandwich

Watch as Binging with Babish’s Andrew Rea takes us to the kitchen to cook up Ralph Wiggum’s grilled crayon sandwich. [Good Mythical Morning]

How to Make Ned Flanders’ Hot Chocolate (From The Simpsons Movie)

What you need to create Flanders’ hot chocolate: -2 parts of whole milk -1 part of heavy cream -1 part of evaporated milk -Half a cup of Ghirardelli cocoa powder –Guittard 70% dark baking chocolate -Half a cup of sugar -A bit of kosher salt and ground cinamon -1 teaspoon of instant coffee Ned Flanders […]

Gigantic Gingerbread Class-II Imperial Star Destroyer [Pics]

This gigantic Class-II Imperial Star Destroyer was entirely made from gingerbread by the very talented folks over at Star Wars Bakery. The creation was on display at the EA Dice office in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2017. She’s quite a beauty, isn’t she? [Source: Star Wars Bakery on Instagram (Account not active anymore)]

Smart Bourbon Decanter Spoofs Home Assistant Tech

Jim Beam claims to be selling a voice-operated ‘smart decanter’. It’s almost certainly a spoof on smart home tech, despite the company claiming it really is for sale. The ‘JIM’ appears to be a very basic version of a Google Home or Amazon Echo. It’s got an interactive ‘smart assistant’ – voiced by the company’s […]

The Booze is Strong in This Stormtrooper Decanter

The booze is strong in this one! This Stormtrooper glass decanter is modelled on the iconic helmet from the 1977 movie, Star Wars: A New Hope. When they’re not being drummed on by a bunch of scruffy little Ewoks, Stormtrooper helmets make pretty classy drinks decanters. Based on the iconic helmet moulded by Andrew Ainsworth […]

London Bus Runs On Coffee

The famous red buses of London could soon use coffee grounds as a fuel source. Sadly – or thankfully depending on your viewpoint – the buses won’t emit a coffee smell. The test is part of a wider project to reduce pollution from the thousands of buses in the British capital, with increased use of […]

The Waffle Maker That Made the Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs

A Millennium Falcon waffle maker that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs… and serves delicious waffles too! Serve up replicas of the Millennium Falcon in waffle form every morning to send family and friends into hyperspace. Detailed mold has your waffle batter looking just like Han Solo’s iconic spaceship in minutes. […]