Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Complete Doctor Who Collections, Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy Reads, Illustrated Holiday Die Hard, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: –Doctor Who: The Christopher Eccleston & David Tennant Collection – $44.98 $31.84 –Dr.Who: The Matt Smith Collection – $34.99 $23.49 –Doctor Who: The Peter Capaldi Collection – $34.99 $23.49 –The Spectacular Spider-Man: […]

George R.R. Martin’s Guide To New York City Pizza

George R. R. Martin shares his picks for New York City’s best pizza spots. Now George, please, stop visiting pizza joints and finish writing Winds of Winter! [Penguin Random House | Via Geekologie]

Doctor Whooooo Owl Hot Pads

If you’re a Doctor Who fan and need something to put your hot pots on, Etsy seller Laura Proctor makes some fabulous Doctor Who owl hot pads that will protect any surface from a hot pot! Created using cotton, and two layers of insulation, one of insul-brite thermal batting and another of warm & natural […]

What’s Inside Sriracha and Why Is That Sauce So Delicious? [Science Video]

There’s a reason Sriracha is more popular than its fiery competitors. Featuring a mix of red jalapeño chile peppers, flavor profiles that ignite all five senses, and vinegar for an extended shelf-life, we break down the ingredients that make up the rooster sauce. [WIRED]

Binging with Babish Recreates The Naco from Kim Possible [Video]

It actually looks good! All that’s missing is a little beer… or maybe some chicken. Yum. Ron Stoppable has a penchant for food creativity, and he pulls out all the stops at Team Possible’s favorite high-cholesterol haunt, Bueno Nacho. Will the Naco, a seemingly-ingenious combination of nachos and tacos, live up to the promise of […]

These Hand-Crafted Galaxy Lollipops Bring the Majesty of Space Right in Your Hands!

These beautiful lollipops by Sparko Sweets are hand crafted and will bring the majesty and grandeur of space right in your hands! Featured above are all the planets of our solar system along with the sun (even Pluto is included,) and below, some gorgeous supernovas! Also available: Cosmos and Nebulas! Let’s just hope that the […]

How Does Double Acting Baking Powder… Doubly Act? [Science Video]

From Reactions: Why does baking powder say “double acting” on the container? Is that better than single acting? This week on Reactions, we explain — with chemistry! [Reactions]

Wendy’s Meat Soda (With a Hint of Ketchup)

Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant is a known prankster. He recently created a fake bottle of Wendy’s Meat soda (with a hint of ketchup) and pretented to stumble upon it in a grocery store. Please note that the tweets below might take a few seconds to load. Yo @Wendys wtf is this?? — obvious […]