Wendy’s Meat Soda (With a Hint of Ketchup)

Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant is a known prankster. He recently created a fake bottle of Wendy’s Meat soda (with a hint of ketchup) and pretented to stumble upon it in a grocery store. Please note that the tweets below might take a few seconds to load. Yo @Wendys wtf is this?? pic.twitter.com/gFOEPQ4Xm0 — obvious […]


How Instant Ramen Became an Overnight Success

Most people associate ramen with broke college students, but the story behind these instant noodles is far more surprising. The instant dinner is the brainchild of Momofuku Ando, a Japanese businessman who was on a mission to solve a post-WWII hunger crisis. [Great Big Story]

Did you know? Pouring a Beer the Wrong Way Can Cause Stomach Aches

How do you pour a beer? Turns out, the most popular pouring method (The one that results in little to no foam) is completely wrong and could cause you stomach issues! You pour it down the sides with vigor and you’re breaking that co2 out. Granted people say that looks like a lot of foam, […]

Binging with Babish: Creating the Pizza from Deadpool in Real Life (Olives and Pineapple)

From Binging with Babish: Wade Wilson knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered that pizza – he knew I’d one day have to recreate and eat it. Yes I know the comic was written well before I started making the show. Yes I know Wade Wilson is a fictional character. Let me imagine […]

Comfort Food [Comic]

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How to Make Infinity Stone Cupcakes at Home [Video]

In this episode of Nerdy Nummies, show host Rosanna Pansino shows us how to make Infinity Stones cupcakes at home in honor of the film hitting the big screen a few days ago! [Rosanna Pansino]

Deal of the Day: Save BIG on The Amazing PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

Hey beer geeks! Want to brew beer at home? Today, Amazon offers the PicoBrew PICO Model C Beer Brewing Appliance (Refurb) for just $249.99 instead of $500. This thing can brew 5 liters of your favorite craft beer at a time. My friend has one at home and it is AMAZING. Seriously. Pico Model C […]

Recreating Cocktails From the Marvel Universe

A lot of superheroes have good taste when it comes to cocktails, so in this episode of Cocktail Chemistry host Nick Fisher teaches us on how to create three cocktails from the Marvel Universe: Doctor Strange’s Mai Tai, Tony Stark’s vodka martini, and Logan’s fireball. I absolutely adore Fireball, so I can’t wait to try […]