Cooking the Krabby Supreme from Spongebob Squarepants in Real Life

From Binging with Babish: Sometimes, you gotta give the people what they want. Play the hits. Let them eat…double-batter-fried-quad-burgers. This week I’m sacrificing both my health *and* dignity to bring you a very accurate recreation of one of Spongebob’s greatest hits. Do not try this at home. [Binging with Babish]

KFC Hires Robocop to Protect its Secret Recipe

If you’re a hardcore KFC fan are are planning to steal their secret chicken recipe featuring 11 herbs and spices, you’re out of luck. The company has just hired Robocop to protect it. Afraid yet? Behold: They also released a few ads for the campaign: Glorious, aren’t they?

3 Amusing Eating Inventions (For Chips, M&Ms and Watermelon) [Video]

From Josepth’s Machine: I have a simple device so you can eat chips while typing (without getting crumbs on the keyboard). Then there’s a DIY method for sunbathing and snacking at the same time. And finally a simple way to eat food while walking, even if your hands are carrying groceries. [Joseph’s Machines]

How to Drink: Zelda’s 2nd Potion & Water of Life [Video]

A color changing drink to celebrate The Original Legend of Zelda! Take this, it’s dangerous to go alone! For those interested in getting the potion bottles featured in the video, Amazon has them here. [How to Drink]

How To Make A Death Star-Inspired Pie For Valentine’s Day [Video]

Want to surprise your Star Wars loving significant other for Valentine’s day? Here’s a fun video that will teach you how to make a Death Star-inspired love pie! Note: The media player below takes a few seconds to load.

Nintendo Pipe Mug: A Convenient Way to Warp Caffeine Into Your Body!

Here’s a fun 3D mug shaped like a pipe from Super Mario Bros. A convenient way to warp caffeine into your body! Wouldn’t it be super convenient to just jump in a warp pipe whenever you needed to leave your home? Warp pipes would make great public transportation… if you’re not concerned with where you’ll […]

The Elder Scrolls Gets a Gorgeous Official Cookbook!

If you’re a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series and like to cook, you can now feast your way through Skyrim, Morrowind, and Tamriel with the new official Elder Scrolls cookbook! Feast on all of the delicious dishes found in Skyrim, Morrowind, and all of Tamriel in this beautifully crafted cookbook based on the […]

HOW TO DRINK: Resident Evil’s T-Virus Cocktail [Video]

In honor to the release of the remastered Resident Evil 2, Youtuber “How to Drink” shows us how to make his very own version of the infamous T-Virus in cocktail form! Check it out! Resident Evil 2 is an absolute classic, a genre defining survival horror game, and now it’s back! Remastered for modern consoles […]