OMG: Butterbeer Donuts are a Thing!

For the Harry Potter fans who happen to live near a Sugar Shack Donuts location, you’ll be glad to learn that the Donut shop has recently started selling Harry Potter-inpired butterbeer donuts! Behold: The donuts feature a white glaze and are covered with gold sprinkles, with the donuts themselves being butterbeer flavored. The Golden Snitch […]

Cooking the Ultimeatum from Regular Show: A Burger Within A Burger With Burgers For Buns [Video]

Regular Show regularly shows some fantastical and impossible food items – sandwiches that kill you, wings that kill you, skydiving pizza pockets – but few are quite so worthy of recreation as the Ultimeatum, the burger-within-a-burger-between-two-burgers. And ketchup from the Himalayas. Follow along this week to see if we can beat Chef Ajay Maldonaldo at […]

An Aladdin-Inspired Palace Piescraper [Pics + Video Tutorial]

From The Pieous: In honour of Disney’s impending live-action release of Aladdin (and their great casting announcement!) I’ve created this “Aladdin-Inspired Palace Piescraper.” It has three separate apple pies hidden in it! I’m really pleased with how this one turned out – it’s my first pie with stairs :) View this post on Instagram […]