Valve Employee Handbook [Pic]

Apparently, this handbook is given to new Valve employees as a guideline on how things work at the company and how one should comport himself during business hours. Check it out:

Best work environment EVAR. So, is anyone from Valve reading Geeks are Sexy? Can you guys confirm if this is true or not?

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  1. I'm a project manager in Seattle, and I was just awarded the VALVe – 4th phase project. In the 2nd phase, they had offices for the massage theapists who work there. So all you need to do if you want a back rub at work is walk down the hall and make an appointment. What a job that must be.

  2. Actually what they're talking about is a REALLY great way to boost creativity and motivate people to work smarter and more efficiently without killing themselves with stress. Studies and stuff have been done on how ineffective, damaging, and physically unhealthy the "corporate environment" is for jobs that require creativity.

    It's just one of those sad facts of life: people stick with what they know because that's how it's always been done and they like the power high they get from it, rather than doing what's best for everyone and making a better product.

  3. "Australia
    —A place that’s either very near or is New Zealand where morethan half of Valve’s employees were born"

    Damn it …. were not Australians!

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