Custom Painted Mario Wedge Shoes

Costumer Designer Kristina Leigh painted these Mario-themed wedge shoes for herself. She’s got an “above world” and “underworld” variation. Keep an eye on her site, rumor has she’ll be offering up more themed heels for the fashionable geek girl!

[Kristina Leigh]


5 Responses to Custom Painted Mario Wedge Shoes

  1. They look like a child made them. Tacky. Compared to the Mario stuff I see on here on the regular, that is the worst thing that I have seen posted thus far. Don't loose yer edge guys– I'll remove you from my 'likes' so fast your head will spin. I expect a little bit more out of this site than this type of post. Waste of my time.

  2. Would have to be one pretty talented "child" to make those. Perfectly captures the feel of the video games, in my opinion. Lovely work.

  3. I think these rock. Thinking outside the box separates the leaders from the followers. Nicely hand painted. Great work.

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