Fantastic Bombshell Black Canary Cosplay [Pics]


I received these awesome photos of Tarah-Rex cosplaying as Bombshell Black Canary a while ago, but I totally forgot about them and they’ve been patiently sitting in my “draft” folder for the past month. Sorry Tarah! Model and costume: Tarah-Rex Cosplay Photos by: The Kaigan, Photosassin, and KanraCakes.

The Ultimate and Most Awesome Bad Hulk Cosplay EVER [Pic]


It doesn’t get much more awesome than that! [Salt Lake Comic Con on Twitter]

SUPERHEROINE POWER: What if the Avengers Were Genderswapped? [Picture Gallery]


Tumblr user disimilis has created some gorgeous concept art where she genderswapped the Avengers. Check out Captain America, Black Widow, Loki, and more below. [via BuzzFeed]

Finally You Can Have Your Own Flux Capacitor!


I’m sorry, I can’t really talk right now. I am too busy ordering my Flux Capacitor replica from ThinkGeek.  Seriously, that is all I have to say about this awesomeness. You’ll have to pump in your own 1.21 gigawatts (pronounced and written in the script as “jigowatts,” which was the accepted pronunciation at the time) to […]

The Most Badass Red Sonja Cosplay of All Time [Pics]


Holy. Crap. This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is my friend Tabitha Lyon cosplaying as Red Sonja, the most badass real life version of Red Sonja ever. Also, dat axe. Ouch. Kudos to Andrew from Creative Edge Studios for the amazing photos! [Costume and Model: Tabitha Lyon | Photo + Edit: Creative Edge Studios]

Top 10 Smartest Anime Series Villains


Anime villains seems to fall into two categories. One, they are either batsh*t insane and just want to destroy the world and eat people’s heads, or they are absolutely genius and brilliant (but still super evil). This list focuses on the anime villains who seem to have the most brilliant and dastardly minds. (Via WatchMojo)

‘Suicide Squad’ First Official Cast Photos


Here it is, people. A semi-final portrayal of how the Suicide Squad will look in the final film. And people who see a mask-less Will Smith and are scared that Deadshot lost some of his trademark cool looks, fret not. Director David Ayers also shared a separate pic of Deadshot’s real outfit and it does […]

‘Infinity Gauntlet’ #1 Variant Comic Book Cover


The Infinity Gauntlet will play a huge part in the upcoming Marvel U movies, so for those who don’t know, now might be a great time to get on board with the re-imagined version of this amazing story (especially considering it is predating the new Secret Wars, which should be another huge event that furthers […]

Adidas and Marvel Team-Up for ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Shoes


Adidas and Marvel comics have teamed up and created shoes that will tie in to the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. As you can see, the shoes each seem to represent a different superhero from The Avengers team. The shoes are set to launch worldwide on May 1st, and should be available via many […]

Star Wars Celebration 2015 Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]


This year’s edition of Star Wars Celebration was something special for quite obvious reasons. Not only was the trailer for Episode VII released, but other projects and movies related to the Star Wars universe were unveiled as well. We didn’t have anyone from Geeks are Sexy on site this year, but fortunately, Sébastien Goulet of […]

Squirrel Girl Destroys WonderCon 2015


The unbeatable Squirrel Girl goes to WonderCon! Featuring Zerggiee as Squirrel Girl. [D Piddy | Via The Mary Sue]

Tron 3 Is Coming!


Tron was a movie that was well ahead of its time. Dealing with A.I and the idea of a creator actually ending up as a sentient being within his own program. It was nerdtastic, and instilled in many of us geeks a love for programming, coding, and gaming in general (which some of us already […]