Poison Ivy: Mad Scientist of the Organic World [Cosplay Pics]


A fantastic series of photos featuring the talented and beautiful Rei-Doll as Poison Ivy. The photography and decor are as fantastic as her costume, thanks to artist and photographer Soldatov Vladimir. [Model and Costume: Rei-Doll | Photography and Decor: Kifir (Soldatov Vladimir)]

These Cosplayers are Feeling Very Festive for the Holidays [Picture Gallery]


A fantastic series of pictures taken at Holiday Matsuri 2013 and 2014 by Eddie from Papanotzzi, an amateur photography-type guild focused around Anime & Sci-Fi/Comic conventions. Holiday Matsuri is an annual festively-themed Anime & Gaming convention located in Orlando, FL. [Pictures Source: Papanotzzi on Facebook]

Impressive Rule 63 Joker Cosplay [Pics]


I love HydraEvil‘s take on the classic joker: colorful, insane, and totally sexy. This is quite possibly the best rule 63 joker cosplay I’ve ever seen. Photography by Akami. [Model and Costume: HydraEvil | Photography: Akami]

X-Men EPIC Cosplay Video


A compilation of epic X-Men Cosplay filmed at Dragon Con 2014 by our pals over at Distractotron! [DistractotronChannel]

Supanova Brisbane 2014 Cosplay Highlights [Video]


An awesome video showcasing some of the best costumes from Brisbane Supanova 2014. [deerstalkerpictures]

Everyone Who Isn’t Us is an Enemy: This Cersei Lannister Cosplay is Fantastic! [Pics]


Cosplayer Nathalie T. (Arcana Imperia Cosplay) cosplays as a fantastic Cersei Lannister in this series of photos by Lexa One Photographie. And have you looked at the location? It’s absolutely perfect for the character! Costume and Model: Arcana Imperia Cosplay Photo: Lexa One Photographie

The World’s Cutest Dogs Cosplay as Rocket Raccoon and Groot + Thor and Loki [Pics]


This might very well be the world’s cutest and most awesome dog costumes ever. This was for this year’s Halloween. Want to see what the owner did last year? Check it out. OMG. [Source: tomato_sauce on Reddit | Via]

For the Honor of Greyskull! I am She-Ra! [Cosplay Pics]


Since She-Ra was one of Désirée Cosplay‘s favorite childhood cartoon, she created this fantastic costume to pay homage to the character. She makes a very convincing She-Ra, don’t you think? If you like what Désirée does, be sure to check her out and follow her on her Facebook page right here! [Cosplayer and Costume: Désirée […]

This Amazing Captain Jack Sparrow Crossplay is Unreal! [Picture Gallery]


Cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha is taking the art of “crossplaying” to a whole new level by transforming herself in an almost perfect copy of Captain Jack Sparrow. Just look at the “before and after” picture below! I’ll also include a few extra pics so you can see how perfect her costume (and demeanor!) is. [Model and […]

Beautiful Ms. Marvel Cosplay by Amazonmandy [Pics]


Some amazing photos of cosplayer Amazonmandy impersonating Ms. Marvel at MegaCon. Photography by the always amazing LJinto. [Amazonmandy on Facebook | Amazonmandy on Twitter | Photography: LJinto]

Rogue Pinup Cosplay


Thanks to Kara for sending us these pics of her cosplay as Rogue, pin-up style, photographed by Carolyn Delles. Check out more pics below and at Kara’s Facebook page.

Space Station Crew Pay Tribute To Douglas Adams


Six astronauts from the US, Russia and Italy are now on board the International Space Station for the 42nd expedition of its type. And if that number rings a bell, you’re not alone, hence this celebratory poster from NASA: