Check Out This Amazing “Street Fighter 2” Themed Photoshoot by Dana Tarr

I am very lucky to know some incredibly talented people. One of those people is a young man by the name of Dana Tarr. He wanted nothing more than to be a photographer, and unlike most people, he actually chased that dream aggressively until it was in his hands. From shooting Nicki Minaj (say what […]

Fantastic Xena: Warrior Princess Cosplay [Pics]

Azure Cosplay looks absolutely perfect as Xena! She has everything right: The hair, the look, the costume! I had these photos sitting in a folder on my desktop for a while and remembered today that I was supposed to post them back in January! Yeah, I’m like that sometimes. :) [Source: Azure Cosplay]

This Rule 63 “Batman v Superman” Aquaman Cosplay is Amazing

Cosplayer Raquel Sparrow looks positively AMAZING as Aquaman, and I’m pretty sure Jason Momoa would agree with me on this as well. Check out the pics below! Here's my genberbend @prideofgypsies #Aquaman! I had the most incredible experience at this stunning beach! Can't wait to wear this #cosplay at Supanova :) Photo by @snaphappyian | […]

This Gundam Cospay is Beyond Amazing [Pics]

It might not be to scale, but this gundam cosplay by Punival looks nothing short of incredible! Cosplayer Mikuen also looks totally awesome as Sayla Mass and Feldt Grace! Photography by Yapcweng. [Via FG]

MAGFest 2016: It’s a Cosplay Dance Party [Cosplay Music Video]

Another great cosplay music video by my pals over at Beat Down Boogie! This one was filmed at MAGFest 2016 (Music And Gaming Festival) between February 18 and February 21, 2016 in National Harbor, MD! All cosplay video should have music like this. It just makes me want to party! [beatdownboogie]

These Stormtroopers Will Shoot You Straight Through the Heart [Pics]

A beautiful set of pics by LA-based photographer York in a Box featuring 4 amazing cosplayers: Hendo Art, Rian Synnth, Ashlynne Dae and Elizabeth Rage. You might remember these four from last September when we featured their “Leia Disney Princess Squad” costumes.

Cosplay Makes the World More Colorful: Anime Matsuri 2016 [Video]

A fantastic video showcasing some of the best cosplay from Anime Matsuri 2016 (Houston, TX) by Mineralblu Photography. Watching this video made me wish I could have attended the convention! [Mineralblu | Via FG]

The Cutest Dalek of All Time [Pic]

Awwwwwwwww… [Source: scificity on Tumblr | Via GT]

Robin Bodypaint Cosplay Is Amazing

You’ll be forgiven for a double-take, but the picture above is not an illustration. Rather it’s a┬ávideo screenshot of makeup artist Kay Pike after painting herself as Robin. Check out the timelapse video below to see how she did it.

Cosplay: Conflicting Emotions [Video]

Check out this absolutely beautiful montage of cosplayers at London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2016. Proof, as if it were needed, that cosplay can truly be a work of art.

Sneaky Zebra’s London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2016 Cosplay Music Video is Here!

My pals from Sneaky Zebra have just released their latest cosplay music video from London Super Comic Con 2016. You’ll notice that several of the shots in there look very similar to the photos I posted a few days ago, but it’s because they were taken by the same guys! :) It’s the first Comic […]

London Super Comic Con 2016 Cosplay in Pictures [Photo Gallery]

Last weekend, thanks our photographer Nick Acott, we were on location at the first convention of the year in the UK, London Super Comic Con, where we took some fantastic photos of cosplayers attending the event! London Super Comic Con was a little earlier than usual this year, so we don’t have as many photos […]