Deadpool vs Anime Impulse 2016 [Video]

Deadpool goes to Anime Impulse. D-Piddy as Deadpool [D Piddy]

Move Over Kylo Ren; Jedi Belle Has the Ultimate Lightsaber [Pics]

A while ago, we featured Elizabeth Rage’s “Hutt slayer” Belle outfit, and today, after a few months of Jedi training, she’s back and has evolved into a new form: Jedi Belle! Princesses of the force! ๐ŸŒนโœจ๐ŸŽ Had a blast as Jedi Belle yesterday with @amberarden as Sith Snow! Photo by @fatmanphotography Belle lightsaber by @ltoycreations […]

Hellpugs: When Pugs Meet Hellboy [Pic]

The folks at Pupstar Sonama, who were behind the awesome “Pugs of Westeros” video we posted a while ago, are back with another crazy awesome idea, Hellpugs! We might never actually see another Hellboy sequel, but at least, the Hellpugs will be there to comfort us! [Pupstar Sonama]

Cosplay Remix: 5 Years of Star Wars Cosplay [Video]

My pals from Beat Down Boogie just released an awesome compilation of all the Star Wars cosplay they caught on film for the past 5 years! Check it out! [beatdownboogie]

Triss Merigold From The Witcher Comes to Life in This Fantastic Cosplay! [Pics]

A fantastic series of pictures by potographer milliganvick featuring cosplayer Fenix Fatalist as Triss Merigold from The Witcher. The resemblance between the model and the actual character from the game is almost unbelievable! Model and Costume: Fenix Fatalist Photographer: Milligan Photography

Snow Leia and the Seven Droids [Pic]

Unfortunately, you can only see two of her droids in the photo, but the rest are doing something else out of frame. Have you gone over to @rj_idos's page and checked out his Disneyfied Star Wars series yet? Go look now and keep an eye out in the future for Snow Leia joining in the […]

Living Dead Clothing’s Beatiful Line of Cosplay Catsuits

The folks from Living Dead clothing have just released a beautiful line of cosplay catsuits developed specially for the unique requirements of cosplay enthusiasts. The Catsuit collection features 14 catsuits in varying printed patterns and fabrics – everything from bright pink PVC to carbon fiber print. The collection was modeled by world renowned professional cosplayer […]

COSPLAY REMIX: Cosplay Kids Know How to Have Fun! [Video]

In this edition of “Cosplay Remix,” the folks from Beat Down Boogie take a look at the awesome cosplaying kids they’ve film over the past few years. Enjoy! [Beat Down Boogie]

New Photo of Olivia Munn as Psylocke on The Set of X-Men Apocalypse [Pic]

As part of her “Goodbye to 2015” posts on Instagram, Olivia Munn released this picture of herself as Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse along with this note: #4 Getting to play #Psylocke in #xmenapocalypse. She’s a telekinetic telepath who chooses to kill with a sword because she wants to do it up close and intimate because […]

Marvel Cinematic Universe – The Ultimate Vision Cosplay [Video]

A quick behind the scenes look at the makeup and costume process for the best Vision cosplay I’ve seen to date! [DistractotronChannel]

Slave Princess Ariel [Pic]

Photograph David Ngo snapped this great photo of Maid of Might Cosplay while at Wondercon 2015! Awesome mashup! [Source: David Ngo | Model: Maid of Might Cosplay | Via Neatorama]

One Punch Man – Origins

One Punch Man is the new anime series (based off the web series) that is taking the anime world by storm. Hell, it is taking the whole world by storm. Thing is, this series came out of nowhere and suddenly is the new reigning king. What this means is there are a whole bunch of […]