Belleba Fett and Beastbacca [Pics]

If you follow this blog regularly, I’m sure you’ve seen costumer Elizabeth Rage cosplay as many incarnations of Princess Belle, and now, she’s back with a new version of the character: Belleba Fett! You can check out more pics of her costume below as she poses for the camera along with her friend Beastbacca (@dan.young). […]

This Rule 63 Goku Cosplay is Over 9000! [Pics]

This rule 63 Goku cosplay by Jannetincosplay is nothing short of spectacular! More pics below (with credits in the description.) Снято в @dali_fotomaster Let's Rock 2💪🏼😄 #goku #super #saiyan ! New cosplay , new wig by me :) New prints here 👍🏻😎 don't forget about 🎅🏻 oh: @photo_makar Une photo publiée par Jannet […]

This Merida Cosplay is Absolute Perfection! [Pics]

This Merida cosplay by Anna Berten has to be one of the greatest Merida cosplay I’ve ever seen! She’s just perfect! Photo (above) by Egor Demidov. All other photos (below) credited directly on the instragram embeds. Sorry for this picspam, but this is amazing photo! Totally random photo, very upset that didn't have a whole […]

This ‘Overwatch’ Tracer Cosplay Will Totally “WOW” You! [Pics]

One of the most talked about characters in Blizzard’s Overwatch right now is Tracer, mainly because of the controversy she caused surrounding one of her victory poses. The pose has now been replaced by Blizzard, and Korean cosplayer Tasha has recreated the replacement perfectly. You can check out the pics (and Tasha’s AMAZING costume) in […]

Shoot First With These Han Solo Cosplay Dresses!

We’ve featured Darling Army’s cosplay pinaphores and kimono dresses a few times in the past on GAS, and today, the designer is back with some amazing looking Han Solo dresses that ought to make heads turn for those who wear them! [Darling Army | Via GXG]

You Are Never Too Old to Cosplay [Pics]

This amazing couple went at Emerald City Comic-Con last weekend as Han Solo and General Leia Organa, and I have to say, When I get at that age, I hope I’ll be as cool and fun as those two. They also remind me of that other couple that was at the 2014 edition of the […]

The Beatiful Cosplay Photography of Cornelia Gillmann [Gallery]

Orth an der Donau, Austria-based photographer Cornelia Gillmann likes to tell a story with her pictures, and it clearly shows in her work. If you look at her portfolio on Facebook, you can clearly see how she evolved as a photographer throughout the years from 2011 to today. Here are a few of my favorite […]

Steampunk Power Girl and Wonder Woman [Cosplay Pics]

Some fantastic steampunk Power Girl and Wonder Woman cosplays by Rini Cosplay and Kotone Cosplay, which were both inpired by the fantastic artwork of NoFlutter. [Photo Source: Chastten on Deviantart | Chastten Cosplay Photography on Facebook]

Star Wars Family Group Cosplay – The Jakku Edition #‎theforceisstrongwiththisfamily‬ [Pics]

I’ve posted a photo of Victor, Julianne and their daughter Baby-8 yesterday (The Real Finn and Rey of Utah), and this morning, Victor (Finn in the picture) emailed me a few extra pics his photographer Robert Lance sent him this morning. The force is truly strong with this family… and their photographer! :) [Source: The […]

Best Star Wars Family Cosplay Ever [Pic]

“The Real Finn and Rey of Utah” have just sent me this fun picture taken at Salt Lake City Comic Con featuring them dressed as Finn and Rey and their adorable daughter as BB-8 Baby-8. [The Real Finn and Rey of Utah]

Incredible 1:1 “The Last Minute” Fallout 4 Gauss Rifle Replica [Pics]

The Show and Tell Props shop has created this beautiful 1:1 replica of “The Last Minute,” a unique gauss rifle that can be purchased from Ronnie Shaw at The Castle in Fallout 4. The Last Minute is a unique variant of the Gauss Rifle in Fallout 4. It includes the Crippling effect, which causes 50% […]

Adam Savage Goes Undercover as Hellboy at Silicon Valley Comic Con

For the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, Adam wanted to do something special for his incognito cosplay: he walked through the convention as the comic-book version of Hellboy, having first cosplayed as the movie version eight years ago. Watch Adam transform into his favorite comic character, carrying a prop he made in a recent One […]