The Wonderful Squirrel Fable [Comic]

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My Battery is Low and it’s Getting Dark [Comic]

Another comic about the now confirmed death of the Opportunity rover. Goodbye, little guy. [Via Bananatwinky on Tumblr]

Sunshine [Comic]

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Goodbye Oppy [Comic]

For those who did not know, NASA is about the pull the plug on the Opportunity rover. The rover’s mission was supposed to last only 90 days in 2004 when it arrived on Mars, but the little guy kept on going for 15 years! Its last message? “My battery is low and it is getting […]

Chappie of Persia [Comic]

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Grim Keeper [Comic]

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How to Use a French Press [Comic]

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If Baby Naming Conventions Had to Follow Online Gaming Rules [Comic]

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