Fan-Created Titles For Luke Cage TV Series


Marvel’s Luke Cage is coming in TV form on Netflix on 30 September and while a trailer is out, we don’t yet know what the title sequence will look like. However, fan Efe Balun has put together this suggested concept of how it could appear.

Marvel/DC Licensed Formal Wear [Pics]


This range of of Marvel and DC licensed character suits and ties is set for a November release. You can sign up for more details at and pricing and pre-order details will be available from August 24.  

When Batman Trolls Thor [Comic]


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The Best Thing One Can Do When its Raining [Comic]


And play video games. [Source: Adam Ellis Comics on Tumblr | Follow Adam Ellis on Twitter | Adam Ellis (Official)]

Going Out for a Walk When You Don’t Play Pokemon Go [Comic]


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The 4 Horsemen of Getting Old [Comic]


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8 Things You Might Not Know About Harley Quinn


With each Suicide Squad trailer release it becomes increasingly obvious that we’re all in this for one reason – Harley Quinn. She’s sassy, sexy, hilarious and has a serious dark side. Harley has been adored by DC fans for decades, and it seems she’s finally finding her place in the broader spotlight of mainstream pop […]

Diagnosis [Comic]


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Less Popular Pokémon [Comic]


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Pokémon in the Avengers Mansion


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If the Sarlacc Could Tell its Story [Comic]


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Aquaman and The Flash are the Perfect Crime Fighting Team [Comic]


Did you know that Sharknado 4 will be released next summer? [Source: Texts from Superheroes]