When a Geek Gets a New TV in January [Comic]

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Artisanally Sourced Hand-Crafted Elvish Dice [Comic]

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BB-GR8 [Comic]

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Wishing Upon A Star [Comic]

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Sea You in Court [Comic]

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Coder Dilemma: Does it Really Matter? [Comic]

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The Meaning of Life [Comic]

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Monster Island Pest Control [Comic]

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Netflix-Chan, I Love You! [Comic]

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Update and Restart [Comic]

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What Teachers Make [Comic]

This comic by Zen Pencils is an adaptation of a poem by American slam poet Taylor Mali. What Teachers Make is Mali’s most well-known poem and was inpired by an actual dinner conversation he had. If you want to see Mali performing the poem, be sure to check out the video below. [Zen Pencils]

RPG Economy [Comic]

Exactly the same as game stores who buy back your games! [Source: aediin on Reddit]