How Some People Handle Computer Maintenance [Comic]

Oh the number of times I’ve seen this happen. Good thing we’re geeks and don’t do this sort of thing…right? [Via Pleated Jeans]

Hope [Comic]


Pipsqueak [Comic]

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Gadget Gifts [Comic]

Yep, I seem to recall being in this situation quite a few times… :) [Source: Doghouse Diaries]

Just When You Think It’s All Clear [Comic]

Yep, unfortunately, I know the feeling quite well. [Source: Dueling Analogs]

Aiming at the Stars [Comic]

[Source: Comic a week for 100 weeks]

The Everything Bagel [Comic]

[Source: Deltitnu – A Redic Adventure]

Coming Home [Comic]

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Am I Losing It? [Comic]

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No More Internet Hoaxes: The Real Benefits of… [Comic]

A comic by German artist Kevin Erdmann, also known as “The Meerkatguy.” [Source: The Meerkatguy | Like “The Meerkatguy” on Facebook]

When You’re Family [Comic]

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