Domesticated Violence [Comic]


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Welcome Aboard! [Comic]


This comic by Cyanide and Happiness (dating back to 2009) was modified to poke fun at the hiring process of companies that have the bad habit of releasing games that are far from complete (depending on your perspecitive) and then charging for the content that should have been there in the first place. [Via […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? [Comic]


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Balancing your Life [Comic]

Balancing all aspects of your life is certainly not an easy task, even though some people appear to do it effortlessly. As far as I’m concerned, the closest I got to this precious balance was when I finished school, had a full time job, and no kids. I certainly wouldn’t go back there, but things […]

Be Kind [Comic]

Always be kind to other people, for everyone you meet could be fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about, even if it’s a battle with an imaginary version of you. A fantastic comic by Norwegian artist Kristian Nyg√•rd from Optipess Comics. If you like what Kristian does, be sure to follow him at the […]

The Nightmare [Comic]


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Girl Stuff or Geek Stuff? [Comic]

This funny comic by Dami Lee of “As Per Usual” takes a look at the inside of a girl’s brain while she’s pondering some crucial aspects of life. The comic is titled “Girl Stuff,” but I say it should be named “Geek Stuff” instead, because this is totally the kind of thing geeks think about […]

If Chess Rules Applied to Real Life [Comic]


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I Love You Sleep! [Comic]


I used to love sleep, and I still do, but a good night of sleep for me now is mostly a distant memory. With the Internet and three young kids that wake us up almost every night and in the morning, having a night of over 6 hours of sleep is something of a luxury […]

Controlling Your Inner Peace When You Work in IT [Comic]

This is a situation I used to run into frequently back when I was a Sysadmin in the mid 2000s. While I was at home during the weekends, I used to take occasional contracts to help people with their computers, and sometimes, these systems were very old and were riddled with toolbars, viruses, and various […]

Deadpool: The Merc with a Business Plan [Comic]


Deadpool, the merc with a business plan, attempts to sell “gently used arrows” to Hawkeye… along with 94 harpoons, which he got from ninja whalers who attempted to murder him. Who knew that ninja whalers were a thing anyways? We shouldn’t be surprised, though, when we’re talking about Deadpool, pretty much anything is possible. [Source: […]

The Reality of Those Super Impressive Fan Made Films [Comic]

In this comic, Jelia Lepetit from Dorkly illustrates the sad “financial” reality of most of those amazing fan made films we present to you on Geeks are Sexy each week. Often, these videos cannot be monetized for copyright reasons, and even when they are, the amount of money creators earn from their projects is absolutely […]