Video Games: 1993 vs. 2016 [Comic]


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The Childhood of a Coder: If Only it Were a Game [Comic]

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Being Picked Last [Comic]


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Every Iron Man movie summarized in 3 panels [Comic]


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Sick [Comic]


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Did the Dinosaurs Enjoy the Stars? [Comic]


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Hangman [Comic]


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The Real Treasure [Comic]


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The Paternity Test [Comic]


7 Yep, I’ve seen plenty of dads wearing these, but as the proud father of three young geeklings, I somehow managed to stay away from the cargo shorts and phone holster bandwagon. [Source: Zach Weinersmith of SMBC Comics | Follow Zach Weinersmith on Twitter | Like “SMBC Comics” on Facebook]

The Frog Prince [Comic]


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30 Hilarious New Pokemon [Pics]


These are fake, but It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Pokemon franchise come up with Pokemon that have names similar to these. [Source: Deathbulge]

The Robots Are Taking Err Jerbs! [Comic]


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