For Cosplay Appreciation Day: FAKE GEEK GIRL! [Comic]

Just the perfect comic to post for #CosplayAppreciationDay (Nov. 13th,) a day that celebrates the hard work and efforts of cosplayers all over the world! [Source: Dork Tower | Follow “Dork Tower” on Twitter | Like “Dork Tower” on Facebook]

Private Video [Comic]

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Giraffe [Comic]

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Procrastination [Comic]

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Study Habits [Comic]

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Weaknesses [Comic]

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Deadpool Stars On Good Housekeeping Cover

Deadpool is the extremely unlikely cover star of a special Thanksgiving edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. He’s also written a special letter to readers. The issue isn’t the usual newsstand edition, but rather a special promotional version that’s being handed out on city streets. It’s a promotional tie-in for the upcoming movie, with the emphasis […]

The Flat Earth Society Wins a Free Trip to Space [Comic]

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Traitors [Comic]

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There is So Much Crap on TV [Comic]

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No Sleep Tonight [Comic]

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I Can’t Wait to Be Back in Bed! [Comic]

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