Childhood Trauma [Comic]

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Under My Roof [Comic]

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Sleep vs. Not Sleep [Comic]

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A Message from the LDNF Foundation [Comic]

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That Sweet Brown Energy Juice [Comic]

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Damn it Nintendo, Why, WHY? [Comic]

For those not aware, you’ll now have to pay to play online if you own a Nintendo Switch console. WHY NINTENDO? WHY did you do this! [Via SirPanics on Reddit | Imgur]

An Effective Scarecrow [Comic]

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A Quick Game for the iPhone’s 10th Year [Comic]

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me [Comic]

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Weirdo [Comic]

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How to Get Low-Level Heroes to do Your Yard Work [Comic]

But woe betide any hero who should leave the Yard of Heroes and go log a complaint with the False Prophets at the International Labour Organization, for the Glory of Raking the Lawn shall never be theirs! [Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

The Bread Avengers [Comic]

Redditor hvitdverg got up one morning, and decided that The Avengers needed a makeover, so he drew them as various types of bread: Tony Starch, Black Widough, Thortilla Odinson, Hawkrye, Captain Apple Pie, The Inedible Hulk, Loki Loafeyson, and agent Phil Crumbson. Yes, I know, these are quite ridiculous, but they made me smile, so […]