Times of Need [Comic]

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A Tribute to Adam West [Comic]

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The Usual [Comic]

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Virtual Assistant Devices [Comic]

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Pizza [Comic]

Yes, pizza is actually that good. Plus, that pizza needs to have hot pepper thrown in on top as well. [Source: Mr. Lovenstein | Like Mr. Lovenstein on Facebook]

A Rainy Day [Comic]

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Dorkly Comic – Nerdy Relationships: Movies vs Real Life

In this comic by Justin Hall (@JHallComics) from Dorkly, the artist takes compares the way nerdy relationships are often portrayed in movies and on television and compares them to how nerdy couples actually act in real life. [Source: Dorkly]

Haha Stupid [Comic]

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Birds and Bees [Comic]

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HOW TO: Take a Shower [Comic]

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Timmy vs. Cats & Dogs [Comic]

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Impending Doom [Comic]

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