The Distracted Man [Comic]

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DEAL – Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art (320 Pages, Hardcover) – $21.40 (57% Off)

Here’s one last deal for today! Amazon is currently selling “Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art” for just $21.40, 57% off on the book’s regular list price of $50. The book features 320 pages of some of the best Marvel cover art from the past 75 years! With access to the rarest and most […]

This Comic is Irrational

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The Cape Thing [Comic]

The Flash is lame. [Source: Kerry Callen]

Mirror, Mirror [Comic]

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Laws and Found [Comic]

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One Room Left [Comic]

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Levelling Up in Real Life [Comic]

A fantastic comic by artists Caroline Dy and Date Gagelonia from Draw Write Play taking a look at some of the different paths people take in life and how it allows them to “level up” in various ways. [Source: Draw Write Play by Caroline Dy and Date Gagelonia on Facebook | Follow Draw Write Play […]

8 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep [Comic]

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The Legend of Outside [Comic]

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Why Didn’t the Skeleton Go to The Ball [Comic]

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Spirit [Comic]

The feels :( [Source: XKCD]