Terrific [Comic]

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Don’t be a TRIceraptops [Comic]

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When Someone has Something “Important” to Tell You [Comic]

When someone has something important to tell you (according to them,) and then make you wait for it, you usually start making up scenarios that are more often rather catastrophic, or at least negative, even though most of the time, things always end up on a positive note. I’ve reacted exactly like the character does […]

The Old Days [Comic]

Yeah, so that’s pretty much what I tell my kids when they ask me about when I was young, back when only VHS tapes were available, when there was no Internet, and the NES or my trusty good old Commodore Vic 20 was the only thing I had at home to play video games. Oh, […]

In a Coma [Comic]

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Droid Baby [Comic]

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Sssalt [Comic]

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Wonder Woman’s Armpit [Comic]

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Taking Care of Yourself [Comic]

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The Anatomy of Even More Songs [Comic]

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Yawn [Comic]

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The Zombie Apocalypse for Geeks [Comic]

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