Controlling Your Inner Peace When You Work in IT [Comic]

This is a situation I used to run into frequently back when I was a Sysadmin in the mid 2000s. While I was at home during the weekends, I used to take occasional contracts to help people with their computers, and sometimes, these systems were very old and were riddled with toolbars, viruses, and various […]

Deadpool: The Merc with a Business Plan [Comic]


Deadpool, the merc with a business plan, attempts to sell “gently used arrows” to Hawkeye… along with 94 harpoons, which he got from ninja whalers who attempted to murder him. Who knew that ninja whalers were a thing anyways? We shouldn’t be surprised, though, when we’re talking about Deadpool, pretty much anything is possible. [Source: […]

The Reality of Those Super Impressive Fan Made Films [Comic]

In this comic, Jelia Lepetit from Dorkly illustrates the sad “financial” reality of most of those amazing fan made films we present to you on Geeks are Sexy each week. Often, these videos cannot be monetized for copyright reasons, and even when they are, the amount of money creators earn from their projects is absolutely […]

The Mac Vs. PC Debate [Comic]

Even though the Mac vs. PC debate has been going on for many, many years and that this short comic might not be entirely true, it still resumes the difference between mainstream PC and Mac culture quite well. A lot people that own PCs will tinker with their computers by themselves while Mac owners will […]

Remembering Your Passwords [Comic]

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my experience with passwords. For those who are looking for a great password manager, Dashlane is among some of the most widely recommended out there. The application is free and provides everthing you need to securely store your passwords, but there is a premium version as well. [Source: […]

Box of Sadness [Comic]


A lot of people consider cubicles just like a box of sadness, but it all depends on how much you like what you’re doing while your in this box. If you love your job, it’s not as bad as it looks. It also strongly depends on the configuration of your “box” and how close you […]

The Right Opinion [Comic]


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The Hidden Treasure [Comic]


We’re all in search of that hidden treasure, the one that will bring true fortune and hapiness to our lives. We might think that it could be hidden in a chest somewhere on a deserted island or a remote location at the end of the world, but often, that treasure is hidden right inside us, […]

The Scariest Halloween Costumes of 2016


I’m sure you’ve all seen plenty of scary Halloween costumes this year, but these costumes, illustrated by Cale from Things in Squares, are the scariest of them all. For me, the “No Internet” outfit is probably the scariest one as far as I’m concerned! With three kids at home, I’m kind of used to the […]

Why Imagination Can Be Way Cooler Than Reality [Comic]


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Halloween 2016 in a Nutshell [Comic]

A fantastic piece of artwork by comic artist C. Cassandra illustrating what Halloween will be like this year. You’ll also notice this trend if you’ve recently visited a pop culture convention. There was about 200 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplayers at Quebec City Comic Con Last weekend, and I’m not even exagerating. I’ve only posted […]

The Last Halloween [Comic]


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