Dreams When You’re a Kid vs. When You’re an Adult [Comic]

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Albert Einstein: Life is a Mystery [Comic]

Comic by Zen Pencils based on a quote by Albert Einstein. [Source: Zen Pencils | Like “Zen Pencils” on Facebook | Follow “Zen Pencils” on Twitter]

The Scientific Method [Comic]

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The Crow is Tired [Comic]

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Trust [Comic]

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Trying to Order Pizza Online [Comic]

I’ve never tried ordering pizza online, so I have no idea if the sites offering service require visitors to go through a Captcha verification process, but if you’re a robot ordering pizza for your master, you might be in big trouble. Speaking of pizza, seeing this comic made me hungry and it’s currently lunchtime as […]

Sleeping Beauty [Comic]

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Unicorns Aren’t Pretty [Comic]

They’re not, at least according to this particular unicorn! [Source: Pie Comic | Like “Pie Comic” on Facebook | Follow “Pic Comic” on Twitter]

Coffee is Your Friend [Comic]

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You Just Don’t Want to Know… [Comic]

What Super Mario’s Boos looked like before they died. A comic by Scott Johnson of My Extra Life. [Source: My Extra Life]

Coders Bookshelf [Comic]

Yep, that was totally me until last year. I just gave them away to a store that sells used books. They’ll probably end up being recycled, but who knows, someone might actually use them. [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]