The Classic “Invisible Jet” Maneuver [Comic]


Here’s how Wonder Woman deters unwanted advances from overzealous suitors: I find you annoying and gross. Oups, sorry, that’s what happens when I let my Lasso of Truth do the talking. Seriously though, I’d love to see a lady pull that invisible jet trick on someone in real life. Related: When Wonder Woman Tells the […]

My Sister’s True Life Story [Comic]


The Internet can make people a little too easy to find sometimes. [Source: Pigminted Comics | Follow “Pigminted Comics” on Twitter]

Multitasking [Comic]


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Babyproofing [Comic]


As you’ll see in the comic below, babyproofing your house is a task of an utmost importance. Babyproofing your medicine cabinet is super important as you’ve seen in the comic. You wouldn’t want to end up with a real life Stewie Griffin in the family, right? Back when my kids were younger, my mother once […]

Learning [Comic]


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Staring at Our Screens Isolates us and Makes us Anti-Social [Comic]


[Source: Ellis Comics on Tumblr | Adam Ellis Comics on Facebook | Follow Adam Ellis on Twitter | Adam Ellis (Official)]

Modern Games [Comic]

I don’t know how the update and installation process is on the Xbox One, but this comic reflects how installing a new game on your PS4 feels like, especially when you buy it a few months after release when a few patches already came out for it. [Source: Ry-Spirit on Deviantart]

Happy Birthday! [Comic]


Well, it’s my birthday today, which I also like to call “Facebook Wall Spam day!” I don’t know about you guys, but getting all those messages on FB is nice, but you have to wonder how many people would truly recall your birthday if the social media site wasn’t there. In the meantime, here’s a […]

Super Deadpool Bros. [Comic]

A Deadpool mushroom in Super Mario Bros. Now how EPIC would that be? Oh, and let’s not forget about flying tacos… we need those too. And chimichanga missiles. Oh so delicious tacos and chimichanga. That’s it, it’s 8AM as I’m writing this on a Saturday morning, and I’m hungry now for things I shouldn’t eat […]

When an Introvert Goes to the Gym [Comic]


And this is exactly why you need to wear headphones. [Source: Owl Turd Comic | Like “Owl Turd Comic” on Facebook | Follow “Owl Turd Comic” on Twitter]

The True Reason Why Luke Lost his Hand [Comic]


Une photo publiée par jake likes onions (@jakelikesonions) le 14 Mars 2016 à 6h07 PDT [Source: Jake Likes Onions]

When Super Mario Jumps on Koopa Kids: The Brutal Reality [Comic]


The Koopa Kids are a a group of seven fictional characters in the Super Mario franchise, and when Mario jumps on them, they eventually end up exploding. This comic by Phantom Arcade 3000 take a look at the brutal reality behind Mario’s murderous habit. [Source: Phantom Arcade 3000 | Follow “Phantom Arcade 3000” on Twitter]