Resident Evil 7: Halfway Through Review

I am the guy who told you a few days ago I was going to one of those lame “early launches” to get my copy of Resident Evil 7, in hopes it would live up to the older games and reinvigorate my love for the ‘once horror turned action’ series. Well, I’ve got some really good news. Not only is this game phenomenal, it FEELS like a Resident Evil game and might just be the scariest game I have ever played. On top of all that, It’s easily already one of the contenders for best game of the year, one month into 2017.

So without spoiling anything (and without really being able to because I am still not finished) I can tell you, I have no idea how they went from part 6 to this, but someone at Capcom deserves a raise, BIG TIME. The classic “scratch your head until the moment they make perfect sense” puzzles are back, the FPS angle brings back the somewhat tense memories of the tank-like controls of the first games, and above and beyond all that, Resident Evil 7 is scary as hell. Though I have only encountered a few “boss fights” they challenge you to think outside the box and sometimes focus more on survival than just emptying clips into some hulking beast, which is a nice change of pace from the last three games and forces you to THINK while horrified, which adds even MORE to the tension.

Basically, this is beyond what I could have hoped for in a Resident Evil game and so if ANY of you had any doubts, deny them and go buy this game right now. It will scare the love of this stellar franchise back into you, whether you like it or not.

Oh, and tell Mia I said hi….

[Resident Evil 7]