Nintendo Switch ‘Arms’ Review

After many hours with Breath of the Wild, a lot of gamers are having a slow comedown from their Switch. They love it, but what to play next as the Switch’s game library hasn’t been the strongest. So is the new ARMS fighting game going to fill that void for Switch fans or is it […]

Critics Are Misunderstanding Trico and “The Last Guardian”

First and foremost, let me say this is not a sponsored post by Team Ico and it is not a cheap tactic to bring heat to other game sites or magazines for reviews they have given the PS4 game “The Last Guardian.” I just think they are way off about something and I wanted a […]

Resident Evil 7: Halfway Through Review

I am the guy who told you a few days ago I was going to one of those lame “early launches” to get my copy of Resident Evil 7, in hopes it would live up to the older games and reinvigorate my love for the ‘once horror turned action’ series. Well, I’ve got some really […]

Trust Me, Play This Game: Gravity Rush 2 Review

One thing that made me sad some years back was that the frankly awesome game Gravity Rush was delegated to the PS Vita meaning very few people would get a chance to experience it. The game looked original and stylish, and the low gravity combat was a trip. Well, good news for Gravity Rush fans […]

Mighty No. 9 Honest Game Trailer [Video]

I think a great deal of us can say this in unison: Mighty No. 9 did not quite live up to the massive wall of hype it set up for itself, and this left a few gamers (and Kickstarter investors) a wee bit perturbed. While touted as the spiritual successor to the Mega Man series […]

Lords of Waterdeep: Dungeons & Dragons Meets Meeples, Makes Magic

Lords of Waterdeep is an awesome board game, combining the best of the Forgotten Realms mythos with Eurostyle gaming.