Scared and Excited: Off To Get Resident Evil 7 Right Now….

As of right now it is 7:36 PM and I am getting ready to get ready to get ready to go get my preorder copy of Resident Evil 7. While this normally wouldn’t be news, normally the game stores (we all know the chain I am talking about) makes people wait outside at midnight and in this particular case (making my life so much easier) they are just staying open at 9 PM (when they normally close) and letting people who preordered Resident Evil 7 just pick it up then.

WooHoo, Wesker would be so PISSED!

So I don’t have to wait in line in freezing cold weather at midnight with a bunch of other geeks in Batman beanies and Deadpool hoodies and that, to me, is a step in the right direction. Plus, you used to come home at midnight and the install would take 3 hours, so you’d game from 3 to 6 a.m and walk around like a zombuie (pun intended) the next day. Now I can install it and actually PLAY it at midnight and maybe get to sleep by three, MAYBE.

Now THAT is how you do a midnight release, people. Now here’s praying Resident Evil 7 is the boost this series needs to bring its shambling corpse back to life.

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