Damian Todd: Who Is The Most Skilled Robin?

When it comes to Batman and Robin, anyone who has followed the Caped Crusader’s adventures can tell you there have been quite a few different versions of Robin, often with very different personalities. You have the boyishness of Jason Todd (stained by The Joker’s assault, voted on by READERS AND FANS) and you even have the rage and anger of Damian Wayne, which was the complete opposite of Todd’s Robin. Hell, Frank Miller made his Robin female (and she was cool as hell) so really, picking the Robin who is the best at the job is a heady job with lots of viable candidates.

Luckily the talented folks over at VariantComics put together this list that breaks it down to the fine details. Who was the most skilled Robin and why? Watch and find out (and you may just find the final results surprising).

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