WANT: X-Zylo Glowing Gyroscope Travels 600 Feet! [Video]

The X-Zylo is a toy gyroscope that can travel incredible distances (up to 600 feet!) when thrown!

When the sun goes down, the fun starts flying with the X-Zylo Night Flight. Just like the original X-Zylo, the Night Flight can soar nearly 600 feet—all after dark.

Two included glow sticks light up the Night Flight and make it easy to catch—even when it’s so dark you can’t see your hands in front of your face!

To whip the X-Zylo incredible distances, start to throw it like a football and then follow through low and side-armed. The flying gyroscope will gain altitude like a kite in an updraft.

Please note that you can also get the regular non glowing version on Amazon.com right here.

[X-Zylo Night Flight]