His Overdue Fees Would Be In The Thousands By Now


Sometimes when you are flipping through old boxes or you move somewhere new, you realize you may have held onto something a wee bit longer than you were supposed to. Rental games (or sometimes videos) are pretty common to find in your boxes of old stuff, but it always makes you say Ooops out loud for some reason once you realize what you’ve done. One can only assume the same thing happened to this poor fellow here.

Good thing Blockbuster closed or the late fees on this would be in the high thousands by now.

Editor’s note: One redditor who used to work for Blockbuster in the early 2000 had this to say:

Let me do the math for you. Pokemon stadium was released in march 2000. Assuming you rented this as a new release, you’ve had the game for about 6,080 days. With a late fee of $2.99/day you have accumulated around $18,179.20 in late fees. Time to delete your account and flee to a country with no u.s. extradition.

[Via Reddit]