The Justification As To Why All Hardcore Gamers Get No Sleep, EVER


We all have different versions of the above excuse. Mine two go-to’s are:

Gotta get to next save point.


Need to save game after BOSS fight.

Those are the two excuses I would use most often when gaming late and wanting to game even later. And what is funny is, the excuses tend to go with the game being played. The person above obviously loves Counter Strike and online PVP-FPS games.¬†When I play Fallout it is always “find one more landmark.” When it is Far Cry I find myself saying “free one more outpost,” but I think we ALL get the point, because every gamer has been there more than once.

Sun coming up, gotta be at the job in a few hours but what damage will one more play cause? Hahahaha, then you get to work exhausted and hate yourself for 8 hours. It is just how us geeks live, and truth is, we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.


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