QUESTION: What Is YOUR Desert Island Video Game?


It is a simple question but one I have never been posed so I thought I would pose it to all the geeks and gamers who read this site (thank you for that, by the way). If you were to ever be stranded on a desert island and could only bring one game (and the console that went with it, and improbably, all the things you needed to set it up and play it) what video game would you choose and why? We want you all to take to the comments and let us know what game and why you would choose it.

I’ll go first to give you some incentive:

For me, as you can see from the pic above if you are a fan of the series, it would be Fallout 3. While 4 may have more missions and be bigger and New Vegas has a charm all of its own, Fallout 3 is just one of those games I can easily put 200 hours into and then want to play again to make different choices. I imagine, long term, a game that has that much content and is engaging for the player is ideal, as who knows how long you will be stuck playing it. Slight second place is Tetris. I know that seems weird, but that game hasn’t gotten old for me in 30 years. Now THAT is saying something.

So what would YOUR desert island game be? Best comment wins an internet high five, which has a bitcoin exchange rate of exactly zero dollars.

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