Russian City Wants Pokemon Go So They Make Giant Pokeball to Send Clear Message


To say Pokemon Go is anything less than a phenomenon would be selling it short. From groups of massive neighborhoods getting together to play to people who don’t even game catching Pokemon with their kids, it is everywhere and it seems to bring joy.

Well, almost everywhere.

Seems many places outside the U.S have been pining for Pokemon Go since they have heard all this buzz on social media. But that doesn’t change the fact they don’t have it. So one Russian city decided to send a very clear message to the internet, declaring, we want us some Pokemon Go!

How did they do this?

By turning a granite ball in the center of Yekaterinburg into a giant Pokeball via some cunning street art. Keep in mind, this same granite ball has been an Angry Bird, among other things, so everyone seems to have a really great sense of humor about it. And heck, imagine the massive Pokemon you could catch in THAT thing?!

Sadly, the mayor of the city said that the statue will probably be cleaned off in time for Yekaterinburg annual local holiday on Aug. 18.

(Via Buzzfeed, image via Mashable)

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