Life Inside A Pokeball

See people. Pokemon do not have it that bad once they retire back into their pokeballs. It is just like a Tardis. Much bigger on the inside. (Via Imgur) Advertisements


Never Underestimate Goodwill Thrift Stores

Some lucky former 90’s child from Imgur snagged these two awesome items from a local Goodwill and spent a measly three bucks for the pair. See, magic still exists out there, and we CLEARLY haven’t caught them all yet.

WTF: Did Nintendo Just Put the Poke in Pokemon?

Yes, yes they did. Nintendo did just go there. For those blissfully unaware, this is NOT a joke about the size of his tail….this is Nintendo getting all R-rated for a second. Poke a man, indeed. You do the math. Yup, that Primeape is saying exactly what you think he is saying. Poor Pikachu walked […]

Pokémon Sun Versus Pokémon Moon: Which To Buy and Why?

Oh man, very few moral quandaries are quite as daunting in the geek movement than the moment when two Pokemon games drop at the same time (like Silver and Gold, Nickel and Aluminum editions and so on) and it is up to you as the geek to CHOOSE only one. BUT WHICH ONE? No matter […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Top Ten Pokémon Boss Fights + Maroon 5 Pokémon Music Video

Pokemon is one of those phenomenon that I really didn’t think would have the legs it did. Keep in mind, I am a child of the 90’s, so I was there for its uprising. I also wrote for a site that helped spread the love of these little beasts for years. But had you told […]

Pokemon Developers Spills Beans on What It Is Like Inside Pokeball (Hint, Tardis)

Any fan of Pokemon with at least a tiny bit of empathy must have spent some time wondering what life inside a Pokeball is like for Pokemon. Are these poor, subservient creatures folded down like origami and jammed into a tiny ball like a baby cow in a cage waiting to be turned into veal […]

Russian City Wants Pokemon Go So They Make Giant Pokeball to Send Clear Message

To say Pokemon Go is anything less than a phenomenon would be selling it short. From groups of massive neighborhoods getting together to play to people who don’t even game catching Pokemon with their kids, it is everywhere and it seems to bring joy. Well, almost everywhere. Seems many places outside the U.S have been […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Some Crazy Pokemon Go Stories

So maybe some of you are already sick of hearing Pokemon Go stories, but sorry, there’s just too many good ones out there. It seems most of the world is into this game right now, and the fever pitch surrounding Pokemon Go just keeps growing and growing. But what is also starting to emerge are […]