Acrobatica Infiniti – The Nerd Circus – Goes Beyond Cosplay!


By Patrick-Michel Dagenais, Contributing Writer.

Growing up as a geek, one of the aspects of geek culture that is pretty commonly accepted is that nerds love when beautiful people dress up as characters they adore from fiction. And while cosplay may be a pretty widely accepted and mainstream  movement right now, there are still some amazing women and men approaching it from way outside the box. The folks of Acrobatica Infiniti in Chicago are a perfect example of this. Merging the worlds of cosplay and INSANE acrobatic skills, it is like every geeks dream come true, right in front of their eyes. A nerd circus. What more could anyone want? I mean, just peep this cosplay of Pris from Blade Runner:

yes please

And yes, they drop down on ropes and do things that normal human words would do no justice. And please, keep in mind, these are not some hot woman just wrangling nerds and then rolling around on stage to entice them. These people are some of the best collected circus stars and acrobats from all over the world. This is something they take very seriously. Performers hailing from such world-renowned circuses as Cirque du Soleil, Barnum & Bailey, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You are talking about some remarkable levels of talent, and they are kind enough to lend that talent to nerd and geek culture. And to anyone who thinks they are nerd baiting, that is not the case. From the mouth of the show’s creator and director Tana Karo:

Circus is an ideal art form for paying homage to our favorite superheroes, villains, anime characters and the gaming craze.  Acrobatica Infiniti has created a bridge between extraordinary circus performance and CosPlay like audiences have never seen before.


When art merges with the geek culture, awesome things happen, and that is just what this is. So this is a plea to our Chicago based readers (and anyone who wants to have their minds blown) to head out Uptown Underground in Chi-town and check their last show out, Friday, August 28th. This actually gives you a few weeks to prepare, too, in case you want to travel and check it out. Trust us, it’s worth it. And please don’t act like you don’t wanna see a sexy Aquawoman twisting herself around a giant trident, because we all know that is a lie.

Check it out, and make sure you tell them GeeksAreSexy sent you, because those are some really sexy geeks.

[Acrobatica Infiniti]

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