Prey: 6 Things You Need to See Right Now in New Prey Gameplay

The original Prey game was a great deal of fun, though not enough of you played it so I was pleasantly surprised when the sequel was first announced years back. Thing is, anyone who saw that Prey 2 teaser at first know a LOT has changed since then. What once looked like it might be […]


The Maze is a Lie: Biggest Easter Eggs In Westworld

Westworld is easily one of the ┬ábest shows on TV right now, and it is awash in easter eggs and references that allude to other work that inspired it. To sit down and watch all six episodes trying to find them all would be very exhausting and time consuming. Thank god┬ásomeone else had the drive […]

Check Out This Amazing “Predator at Dentist” Piece

The artists name is Simon Lee, and as you can clearly see here, he has a penchant for pop culture and sci fi, and in this case, with a comedic twist. His work is astounding and every geek should check it out over here. [H/T SuperPunch, image Twitter]

How To Play ‘No Man’s Sky’: A Detailed Breakdown

Since it’s announcement, every gamer has wondered one core thing about No Man’s Sky. What EXACTLY do you do and how do you play it? We know you explore the galaxy and claim planets and resources, but what is really going on? Seems the lucky folks over at Gamespot got a copy and are keen […]


Arguably two of the best science fiction movies to come out in the last half decade, Ex-Machina and Under the Skin, here Cinefix examines both movies and tells you why Under the Skin deserves more attention than it got. Both unique and haunting films in their own right, this will give you the incentive to […]

Top 10 Futuristic Movie Cities [Video]

You know the city you are living in now? Well, imagine that with flying cars and taller, shinier buildings (you know, more futuristic!) and you have a pretty good idea of what you will see on this list. [WatchMojo]

The Lightsaber: 10 Things You Didn’t Know!

We all know the lightsaber is the greatest fictional weapon of all time. But unless you study all the games and books and EU of Star Wars, you know less than you think about these stellar blades of pure light. Now, thanks to VariantComics, you know even more.

The 10 Best Star Wars Toys

When it comes to Star Wars toys, it seems us fanboys will never run out of collectibles. But out of the thousands and thousands, which are the best? IGN put together a nice list to help us wannabe Jedi out. Regarding the Leia figure seen above: Hot Toys has been placing a lot of focus […]