The Strange History of ‘Terminator’ Games


The Terminator has a strange history when it comes to video games. Though a good portion of the movies have been decent, oddly enough, there haven’t been many Terminator games that have actually lived up to the awesome hype of the films that came before them. DenOfGeek put together a list about the matter:

Terminator on the NES was harder than filling Dante’s nine levels of hell with cement and less fun to grind through. It’s difficult in the same way that whittling your own tooth is difficult: extremely painful, looks awful, and there’s less than no reason to do so. The sound is an endlessly repeating snooze alarm, and the graphics look a bit moldy.

But remember kids, there was a time when all Batman games sucked, then Rocksteady happened and changed all that. So anything is still possible.

(image, story via DenofGeek)

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